9-1 At Home Beating South Carolina


Last night the Rebels cut it a little to close for the crowds comfort as they once again jumped out to an early lead but let another team take it down to the stretch.  The Rebels would hold off in the end and win the game 66-62.  In a matchup with his former team Murphy Holloway played inspired and helped to lead the Rebels to victory with a double double, incresing their record to 14-7, 4-3 SEC and a home record of 9-1.  Here is a list of game and player stats.

Game Stats (Ole Miss)                                                                                   

FGM/A: 24-49  49.0%

3PM/A: 5-13  38.5%

FTM/A: 13-24  54.2%

Rebounds: 35

Assist: 15

Steals: 11

Blocks: 6

Turnovers: 18

Points: 66

Game Stats (South Carolina)

FGM/A: 24-60  40.0%

3PM/A: 8-21  38.1%

FTM/A: 6-7  85.7%

Rebounds: 22

Assists: 15

Steals: 12

Blocks: 2

Turnovers: 13

Points: 62

Game Comparison

The Rebels had a better percentage in field goals and three pointers made while also outrebounding the Gamecocks 35-22.  The Gamecocks would win the turnover battle and also the free throw pecentage but would fall short in the end.  The two teams tied in assists but the Rebels recorded an impressive six blocked shots to the Gamecocks two.

Ole Miss Starters

Terrence Henry: 15 pts-5 reb-2 ast-2 stl

Murphy Holloway: 14 pts-11 reb-4 ast-3 stl

Reginald Buckner: 7 pts-6 reb-1 ast-1 stl-3 blk

Nick Williams: 12 pts-1 reb-2 ast-1 blk

Jarvis Summers: 3 pts-4 reb-5 ast-2 stl

Ole Miss Bench

Demarco Cox: 2 pts-5 reb-2 blk

Jelan Kendrick: 11 pts-1 reb-1 ast-2 stl

Maurice Aniefiok: 1 stl

Ladarius White: 2 pts-2 reb

As the Rebels improve to 9-1 at home this season they face two tough road games in the coming weeks.  They are off to Tuscaloosa next Saturday February 4th to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide.  After that they will play the Mississippi State Bulldogs Thursday February 9th in Starkville.  The Rebels need to prove that they can win these big games on the road if they want to be taken seriously.


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