Top 20 Ole Miss Targets: #12 Ashton Shumpert

Ashton Shumpert


Itawamba Agricultural High School

Fulton, Miss.

6’2 205 Lbs. (per


Rivals: 3 star #30 position

Scout: 4 star #11 position (safety)

ESPN: 4 star #27 position


Other notable offers: Mississippi State (scheduled visit), Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt


2013 depth at safety: Trae Elston (So.), Quintavius Burdette (So.), Chief Brown (Jr.), Cody Prewitt (Jr.), Frank Crawford (Sr.)


2013 depth at running back: Peyton Barber (commit), Mark Dodson Jr. (commit), Eugene Brazley (commit), I’Tavius Mathers (So.), Jaylen Walton (So.), Nic Parker (Jr.), Jeff Scott (Sr.)


Scouting report: A few things stand out when you watch Shumpert play: his intelligence, his will to win, and the fact that his feet keep moving. At running back, it’s amazing to see an elite athlete like Shumpert accept a short gain with an attempt to break out of the pack, instead of cutting all the way back with the possibility of losing yards. In young SEC players you see a lot of running backs cut back like they used to in high school, only to be caught by a superior SEC opponent, a habit that Shumpert has avoided which is a rarity. The will to win is an intangible that is a mainstay of the Freeze philosophy, Shumpert has that. Whether it is throwing his body into an opponent or laying out to deflect a pass on defense, or it’s refusing to go down on offense, it is obvious that his goal each play is to be better than his opponent. That is hard to find in the capacity that Shumpert exhibits. According to Shumpert, Ole Miss wants him at running back, but I’m sure that Freeze only cares about getting this elite athlete to campus. When it comes to running the ball, his feet keep pumping and he is very agile on his feet, allowing him to avoid the big loss while having the opportunity to make the big play. This is a smart, smart football player with a lot of humility and upside.



Likelihood of signing with Ole Miss: Right now it appears to be a three team race between Georgia, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss. It seems like the two in-state schools are the leaders for Shumpert with commits from both sides in his ear recruiting him to their school while the Georgia camp remains confident that they will land the Fulton native. It should come down to one of the in-state schools, but Shumpert has kept most everything under wraps. In my opinion it is a dead heat between the three and it is 33 percent Ole Miss.


Rankings thus far:

12. Ashton Shumpert

13. Jason Carr

14. Mitchell Parsons

15. Kailo Moore

16. Corn Elder

17. Christian Morris

18. Lavon Hooks

19. Dan Skipper

20. Duke Riley

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