How To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Ole Miss Football Season

Before we start cracking down on the upcoming 2014 football season, I wanted to share with our readers what’s to expect from Ole Hotty Toddy to get them prepared for the upcoming season.

First off, I would like to say that we are excited of the upcoming 2014 college football season. Baseball and basketball are fun to cover, but there is no atmosphere in comparison to that of covering football, more in particular – Ole Miss football. We know Rebel Nation is just as pumped up of the upcoming season as we are, so we want to get y’all prepared for Ole Miss football all summer long by previewing the season in many different ways.

We know there a lot of sources out there online that you can resort to in getting your Ole Miss football coverage. But, we at Ole Hotty Toddy want to ensure our readers and the rest of Rebel Nation who has yet to discover us, that there is no other place on the web that will present you more coverage of the 2014 Ole Miss football season than Ole Hotty Toddy.


We’ve covered that there’re a lot of online sources that cover Ole Miss sports and will be covering a lot this upcoming football season. But, most of these sites you’ll have to subscribe to them and pay a monthly fee to get access to their articles. Why not get the same, if not better coverage for free? Ole Hotty Toddy and the FanSided Network is 100% free to access all of the site.


Dave Bevan – Editor

I have been writing for FanSided since 2013 and recently took over the network’s Ole Miss site, Ole Hotty Toddy, this year. I have been writing about my passion for Ole Miss sports for a long time, it started with my creation of

Now that I have joined the FanSided network, I spend a lot of my writing on Ole Hotty Toddy. I am also a recent contributor to Rebel Nation Magazine and co-host the Ole Hotty Toddy Podcast with Acey.

Acey Roberts – Senior Staff Writer

Acey joined the site not long after I took over in March. We have been running this show since then, and it is easy to say he is my right-hand man. You can call us Maverick and Iceman if you want. He is well on his way of becoming co-editor to the site when he is ready.

Like me, Acey has been covering Ole Miss sports for a long time through various sites. In the past, he has been a Bleacher Report contributor, and also contributes to Rebel Nation Magazine. He is a co-founder of

Acey is a lover of barbecue, but a hater of commas. He also has a voice for radio. He currently co-hosts the Ole Hotty Toddy Podcast. He also co-hosts the Make It Rain Sports Show and The Season Ticket, which are apart of Rebel Sports Radio presented by the VSporto Network.

Follow Acey on Twitter – @aceyrob

Rashell Reese – Staff Writer

Acey and I knew we could not bring in all of the content coming into the site alone. So, recently we went out and recruited the very beautiful and experienced writer Rashell Reese.

Rashell has freelanced for major companies like the Sun Herald. She also does work for Bob Guccione Jr. In Rashell’s spare time, she has enjoyed her teaching career, but can not step away from her main passion, writing.

We are excited to bring Rashell on our team and are even more excited of the future amazing content she will be publishing on the site.

Follow Rashell on Twitter – @RashellReese


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Like I said before, we’re going to be covering so much preview information of the upcoming Ole Miss football season, that you’re not going have time to go anywhere else.

Here are a few article series that you can expect to read this summer.

Position Previews

We have done this in the past and we are bringing it back. Everyone likes to get the scoop of each position of their team. We will be breaking down each position of the 2014 Ole Miss Rebels. We will cover who is expect to start and make an impact in 2014. We will also recap how each positions’ impact players did in 2013, and what’s to expect in these positions beyond 2014.

Inside The Opponent Huddle

Inside The Opponent Huddle will be series of articles where the Ole Hotty Toddy staff will reach out to writers of teams Ole Miss will be playing in 2014. We want our readers to be informed of the opposing team and what better way than to hear from experts who cover that team. It will be Q and A format articles.

Full Season Preview

There will be that one article that gives a full season preview of the 2014 Ole Miss football season. This article will start off recapping the 2013 Ole Miss season, and then will lead into the 2014 preview with a full team schedule, etc.


Acey and I have been writing these weekly articles for quite sometime now. Somewhere along the way of the very successful Ole Miss baseball season we lost track of the series, but now we will be bringing them back.

30 Greatest Ole Miss Football Games of All-Time

Once we get 30 days away from the kickoff to the Ole Miss Football season, each day we will countdown the Ole Hotty Toddy staff’s 30 All-Time Greatest Ole Miss Football Games.

45 in 45

Ole Hotty Toddy has covered this series of articles in the past, and our new staff has decided to revamp it and bring it back. The 45 in 45 series is a 45 day countdown of the Ole Miss football roster, by grading each player’s value to the team. In these articles, you get a player profile and bio to get familiar with each 2014 Ole Miss football player.

Ole Hotty Toddy Podcast

We enjoy radio, and we will continue to bring you our podcasts throughout the summer. This summer expect us to have exciting coverage of the 2014 Ole Miss football season. We will bring on special guests, such as: former players, coaches, beat writers, and more to discuss the upcoming season.

As always, you can expect our usually trio co-hosting the show, Acey, myself, and Evie VanPelt of


Ole Hotty Toddy will also be bringing the staff’s predictions of the 2014 Ole Miss Football season, plus predictions of each SEC team in 2014. We will also bring you any latest news and team updates as soon as the story breaks.

In Conclusion

We want to thank all of our readers for making our site possible. The heavy amount of traffic you have been bringing into the site lately is truly appreciated. We hope y’all are excited and ready to enjoy our coverage of the 2014 season as much as we’re excited to present it to you.

Once again, don’t forget to subscribe to the site and/or download the free FanSided app on your mobile device if you already haven’t done so.

Thanks again and Hotty Toddy,

Dave Bevan
Editor of

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