Ole Miss Goes Drafting


Now that the pain of the TCU loss(es) has subsided, let’s take a look at some more bad news, the draft. In a sort of Ernest goes to {blank}, Ole Miss went to New York. Unlike those famed Ernest movies, most of the Rebels are not coming home. Four players in this past signing class were drafted to go along with six players from the 2012 team. Out of these ten, six are signed, 2 are coming back, and 2 have not decided yet, but don’t pencil them in to your 2013 scorebook.

SS Gavin Cecchini 

Lake Charles, LA

Drafted 1st Round (12th overall) by the New York Mets

Signed a $2.3M deal

Nobody really expected this kid to pack up his mini fridge and XBOX and head to Deaton Hall, so this is not exactly tragic. It would have been great to have him for 3 years, but once you start piling up those 0’s, it’s understandable. Good luck in the Big Apple Gavin.

C Stryker Trahan

Scott, LA

Drafted 1st Round (26th overall) by the Arizona Diamondbacks

Signed a $1.7M deal

This is another guy that was a far fetched dream to don the Red and Blue. We all selfishly hoped he would fall to the 2nd or 3rd round to maybe have a shot at him, but to no avail. Quality catching is at a premium, and you knew this guy was going to go early and get the checkbook thrown at him. You know all about humidity Stryker, but remember to check your shoes for scorpions. They’ll get ya in Phoenix.

RHP Ty Hensley

Edmond, OK

Drafted 1st Round (30th overall) by the New York Yankees


Once you get to New York Yankees you feel a little depth added to your voice. A certain feeling that the clouds above you are darkening with ominous consequences overpowering you. That’s the feeling the Evil Empire wants you to have if you are a free agent or their newest draftee. “How dare you not sign with the most prestigious franchise in all of American professional sports?” Hensley throws mid-90s and was the Gatorade Player of the Year for Oklahoma. He is undecided and would be a huge get for Bianco, err, whoever is managing next year. Come to Oxford and be a part of the dynasty Ty.

2B Alex Yarbrough


Drafted 4th Round by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


Alex was first on the team and second in the SEC in batting average at .380. He had the third most RBI’s with 43 and was an integral part of a team that could argue was as big of a threat as there was in any weekend series. He has returned to Texas to relax and spend time with his family before making a decision. It does not seem imminent that we will have ole #2 manning the right-side of the infield next year, but there is always hope. On the one side, Alex can take the money and have an opportunity to jump right into one of the most consistent franchises of the last decade, or he can come back to finish what he started and take the Rebels to Omaha all the while improving his stock to first-round territory. Remember, the kid jumped up to the 4th round after having only 2 offers out of high school, imagine what he could do with another year. We need you Alex, the fans here love you, but they’d love you just as much and wish you luck if you went to LA.

1B Matt Snyder


Drafted 10th Round by the New York Yankees

The other half of the right-side led the SEC in RBI’s with 63 and has been a force in the lineup for 4 years. You feel like you watched him grow through his 4 years here. From the time he got here with his twin brother Michael (drafted in the 23rd round by the Angels) wiry as can be to the heavy metal blaring plate-nightmare he can to be this past season. Snyder became a consistent part of the order and will be sorely missed in the cleanup spot. I hope you make it Matt and soon.

LHP Dylan Chavez


Drafted 14th Round by the Boston Red Sox

Signed (Undisclosed)

We got him as a project and he leaves us as a project. We found ourselves asking why we signed a guy who had a 4.80 ERA in Junior College to asking why we would miss a guy who had a 4.66 ERA for us. It’s always great to have experienced arms, especially left-handed ones, but I think we will survive without him. If you were culture shocked by the accents in Mississippi, get ready for Boston big guy.

RHP RJ Hively


Drafted 19th Round by the Arizona Diamondbacks

Was shaky his first year here, but came on as a star in his senior season. Whether it was in relief (4 saves) or as a starter (5 wins), RJ gave us a shot to win every time he was on the hill. You were great Hively, thanks for spurning Fullerton for us, and good luck back west.

OF Tanner Mathis


Drafted 27th Round by the Houston Astros


It’s safe to say that Tanner did not make any friends in the Astros organization by how he handled his draft day, he did become a folk hero in Oxford on the other hand. The only player that you could count on to have heart and hustle is coming back for his senior season to lead this team, I can live with that. You love Oxford Tanner and we love you, welcome back.

OF Zach Kirksey


Drafted 29th Round by the Detroit Tigers

Kirksey was 3rd in the SEC in home runs without being an everyday starter. He’s got some pop in his bat and once he matures his eye, will be a real danger every time he’s at the dish. Kirksey was beloved by everyone at Swayze except for the girl in the nice dress standing behind the cooler.

RHP Jacob Waguespack

Prarieville, LA

Drafted 37th Round by the Pittsburgh Pirates

Enrolling at Ole Miss

Tabbed as a top 10 round talent, Waguespack gave teams a very high pricetag. This scared off a lot of takers and pushed him back until he was a value pick. He’s 6-4 and throws mid-90s and will have a spot in the rotation in the future if he can add some zip to his slider. Imagine a roatation of Hensley, Buchanan, and Waguespack. It very well could happen, and if it does, Orel Hershiser better learn how to spell Waguespack. Good to have you aboard Jacob.

As you can see, the draft gave some past and could’ve been Rebels some great opportunities going forward. It will tough to plug the holes that were left, but we’re Ole Miss baseball, the wheels are always turning. With that said, wish these guys luck Rebel nation, and maybe send a fruit basket or two to Edmond, Oklahoma and Allen, Texas.