Ole Miss “Walk of Champions:” Special Game Day Tradition


Walk of Champions in The Grove at Ole Miss. PHOTO: Evelyn VanPelt

As anyone who has ever been there knows, there is something extraordinary about Ole Miss. Whether it is the spectacular beauty of the campus, the charm of Oxford or the southern hospitality of those you meet, there is no denying what a special place Ole Miss is. Nowhere is this more evident than in the unique “Walk of Champions” in the Grove.

There are some traditions at Ole Miss that are downright sacrosanct, and the “Walk of Champions” is one that is understandably on the list.  It is here where the Rebel football team makes a pilgrimage of sorts through the heart of what can be considered the mecca of tailgating.

Approximately two hours before every home kickoff, the Ole Miss coaches and players arrive in their team buses next to the “Walk of Champions.” The team makes its way through the Grove, to the cheers and the familiar “Are You Ready?” chants from the thousands of enthusiastic fans, adorned in red and blue, who have gathered to greet them.

Josh McCoy, the Athletics Photographer at Ole Miss, recently posted this video that gives a unique glimpse into what it is like to make the “Walk of Champions.”

It is truly college football pageantry at its finest.

History of the “Walk of Champions”

Back in 1983, Billy Brewer was hired as head coach of the Rebels. He wanted to find a way his players could take part in the game day excitement experienced by fans in the Grove—and he created this Ole Miss tradition in the process.

In 1998, an actual “Walk of Champions” arch was built. It was made possible through funding from members of the Rebels’ undefeated, 1962 SEC and national championship team (Litkenhouse Ratings).

Roughly three decades later, this walk through the Grove has endured and become an indelible part of Ole Miss game day tradition.

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