The 45 Most Valuable Rebels of 2014: No. 37 Justin Bell


The 2014 Ole Miss football season is just around the corner. Now that we have hit the 45 day mark until kickoff, we are going to countdown the most valuable Rebel players this season. Their rankings are based on their positions and how much of an impact they will bring to the table. Today on the countdown is…

2013 Season: Justin Bell was an invaluable player for the Ole Miss offensive line last season. He started in every game (seven at right guard and six at left guard). He was apart of the offensive line that produced the most total offense yards in school history.

The Value: What makes Justin Bell so valuable is that he can easily adapt to any position on the offensive line to fill in depth for the Ole Miss Rebels. There has been talk that Bell could play at center in 2014 if needed.