Monday Morning Links: 10/6/14


Here are your Monday Morning Links.




Coach Hugh Freeze on the game:

"“I’m just so proud of our young men. You can’t lose a game in 30 or 45 minutes. You have to play for 60 minutes and that is something we’ve preached since we’ve been here. That’s all I told them at halftime. To be very candid, I felt like my heart got ripped out right before the half on the fumble for points there. I felt very confident all week. That was the only time I started to waiver a bit. I was so anxious and sick. We settled them down at halftime. We preached to our kids to play 60 minutes. We felt like we found something right before half. That was one thing I wanted to try right before the half and it caused us a fumble. At the end of the day, you get in this job to mentor young men, first. I preach that to our staff. I have the best staff of men that you want your kids around. These are great life lessons. Sometimes you’re on the other side of it and it stings and hurts. We’ve had our share of those. We have tremendous respect for Coach (Nick) Saban and Alabama. It’s a huge win for our program and our fans. It’s been a tremendous day.”"

Coach Hugh Freeze on Bo Wallace:

"“Sometimes these kids take way more criticism than they deserve. I don’t know that they get the equal treatment on the other side of it. He managed the game extremely well for us. We really felt like our defense was good enough to keep us in it against a very, very talented offense that stresses you in all kinds of ways. He managed the game very nicely. In the second half, he made some big-time plays. He just played so solid. On that last touchdown, that ball was right where it needed to be for us. Who knows what the next week holds, but tonight, Bo led his team to defeat the No. 1 team in the country. He deserves credit for being a big part of that.”"

Senquez Golson on the interception:

"“It was a great play. Earlier in the game, I had blown that coverage. We were in cover three and they hit the tight end up the middle, which was my fault. They ran the same exact play again. I just did my job, was in the right spot and made a good play. The feeling is indescribable right now.”"

“We can’t say enough about our fans, they were crazy tonight and definitely helped our defense out.” – Bo Wallace

Bo Wallace on preparations for Alabama:

"“It was just a normal week. We feel like we have athletes that can play with anybody. So now we have to come in, prepare and get back to work on Texas A&M.”"

Alabama Coach Nick Saban on the whole game:

"“You really have to give Ole Miss a lot of credit in the way they finished the game. We did not finish the game like we needed to. I think the big question for our team is, how do you respond to a loss? There are several teams around here who have lost games and responded the right way. They have ended up having pretty good seasons. We did not play as well as we would have liked today and that all starts with me. I am responsible.”"

Alabama Coach Nick Saban on the loss:

"“We have a lot of things to work on and to fix so we can become the team we want to become. I do not think we played our best football today. There are a lot of things we need to work on to improve. Every goal we have as a team is still in front of us. We must improve and respond the right way to losing.”"


Even AD Ross Bjork got in on the fun:

  • In case you were wondering, it will cost the school $8,000 to replace the field goal posts.