Ole Miss Rebels Football: Wide Receivers Ready to Step Up for Laquon Treadwell


OXFORD, Miss. – I had to take a break from writing after Saturday. I just didn’t have the emotional motivation to get my fingers to type. I am thankful Acey is here to back me up, because y’all would have been left with no coverage for a few days. I am back, but still worn. Like many fans I have heard describe their emotions after the game, I can relate. I am not mad. I am not disappointed. I don’t blame anyone. I’m just blah, walking around without a clue of the world and my surroundings. It’s been that painful.

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I have been in pain for Laquon Treadwell. The kid is a future NFL prospect, and has the potential to be the highest Rebel NFL Draft pick since Eli Manning. I am now at relief that he could to be back by Spring of 2015 and I pray for a full recover. Coach Hugh Freeze announced that Treadwell’s projected recover time is four months. That is normal for that type of injury. C.J. Johnson saw a similar injury last season, and his recovery time was to that extent.

"‘He’s really strong and he works, and it’s going to require work. He’s the type of person that can overcome something like that. The toughest part was just getting over the mental side of it and the pain aspect, starting back with everything. You’re off of (the leg) for so long, it’s almost like you’re learning to walk and run all over again. It’s a challenge but I know he’s up for it. We’ll be there to support him.” – C.J. Johnson"

Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace threw for 341 yards and two touchdowns in the loss to Auburn. It was his best performance in the past few weeks, and is was probably one of the best from Bo that resulted in a loss. Without Treadwell, Wallace will be looking for the other talented receivers to step up and be the big playmakers. Wallace feels that will happen.

"“We still have playmakers. Vince, Quincy, Cody. Pack. He’s a freshman, but he’s going to have to step up. He’ll be ready. By this time he’s played in nine games, he’s not a freshman anymore.”"

Senior Wide Receiver Vince Sanders now leads this Rebel receiver core. Sanders is already having the best season of his Ole Miss career, and as a senior will be expected to step up as a leader for the receivers for the first time. He has 34 receptions, 536 receiving yards, and four touchdowns this season. Junior Cody Core is right behind Sanders. Core made huge statements in the wins over Boise St., Vanderbilt, and Texas A&M. Like Sanders, he to will have to step up, as he will be the starter in Treadwell’s outside position. Core 29 receptions, 415 receiving yards, and five touchdowns heading into this Saturday’s game.

The new layout of Ole Miss’s wide receivers without Laquon Treadwell will most likely resemble this:

Wideout Receivers: Cody Core, Vince Sanders

Slot Receivers: Quincy Adeboyejo, Markell Pack

Sophomore, Quincy Adeboyejo and freshman Markell Pack have only seen brief moments with the ball going to them this season, but that will be subject to change as they could very well see more playing time, especially Pack. Pack has been used primarily as a special teams returner, but now could be the primary slot receiver. He has just 7 receptions for 70 yards in his freshman season. Adeboyejo has 13 receptions for 185 yards, and two touchdowns.

Sophomore tight end, Evan Engram has been one of the big targets for Bo Wallace this season, and with the absence of Treadwell, he could become an even bigger target. Engram has 27 receptions, 415 yards, and two touchdowns this year. He had this to say about the loss of Treadwell:

"“That’s a huge loss on the offensive side. We recruit well and we’re going to need guys to step up. We’re going to figure out how to work around it, and guys are going to have to step in and make plays.”"

There is a possibility that junior Quintavius Burdette could see more playing time, and Derrick Jones could come back to the offense now that Chief Brown has returned. The bottom line is that Ole Miss suffered a huge loss last Saturday, and there is now a big hole in their offense that had already seen struggles prior to the game against Auburn. Now, with three remaining games in the regular season, Ole Miss will be scanning the depth charts searching for the next playmaker. Everyone needs to be all in, as there is still all out to play for this season. We are not out of it.