SEC Power Rankings: It’s Getting Crazy, Really Crazy


At this point last season, there was a limit to which teams had an opportunity to win the SEC West. Ritually, it came down to the big three – Alabama, Auburn, and LSU. We knew it was going to be one of those three teams in the SEC Championship game, and the other four teams weren’t even in the discussion.

Now, fast forward to this season, and you have all but three respected teams not in the discussion. So yes, things are getting a little crazy and weird here. Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn, and even Ole Miss, all have the opportunity receiving the crown for the SEC West title. We’ve already discussed what needs to happen in order for Ole Miss to win the West. It’s not a smooth path, but it is a possibility, and yet, nothing less than a miracle. In order for the Rebels to stay on path they are going to need some help. Outside of winning out their remaining two games, the Rebels would the other four teams to fold.

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We witnessed the possibility of Ole Miss staying in the mix when Auburn was upset by Texas A&M. That game was as big of win for Ole Miss as it was Texas A&M. Given that Ole Miss’ conference title hopes are still alive, predicting the final outcome of who will win the divisional title has become a mystery. NO ONE KNOWS! It is not predictable, and that’s why things are getting a little crazy around here. So, make predictions and determining conference power rankings. The beautiful of it is that no one has the same rankings. No one.