Ole Miss Football: Four Reasons Ole Miss Will Keep Chad Kelly


By now, Ole Miss’ JUCO signee Chad Kelly should be enrolled in classes, and preparing for spring practice with the Ole Miss Rebels. However, just days after signing with the Rebels in late December, the former Clemson and East Mississippi Community College quarterback traded punches with bouncers outside a Buffalo, New York bar. According to the police report, Kelly told the bouncers, “I’m going to go to my car and get my AK47 and spray this place.”

Luckily for Kelly, a video surfaced of the fight, and showed no indication that Kelly threatened the bar with a weapon. The cell phone video shows the bouncer striking first, and with this evidence, Kelly’s attorney Thomas Eoannou was able to get a plea deal. On Monday, Kelly plead guilty to a non-criminal charge of disorderly conduct and agreed to 50 hours of community service.

Now, with a “slap on the wrist” by the city of Buffalo, Chad “Swag” Kelly awaits the decision of coach Hugh Freeze, which will determine his fate with the Rebels. As of now, Freeze has yet to make a decision. Freeze said he would have a discussion with the family “in the next few days” to determine the quarterback’s future with the program.

I for one believe the Rebels will keep Kelly. My personal opinion of the matter has no meaning, but I have four reasons of why I believe Ole Miss will keep Mr. Swag. Let’s look at them.

Eoannou says he has kept in contact with Ole Miss

Eoannou said he’s been in constant contact with Ole Miss and that Kelly’s scholarship and ability to play football “should be fine.” However, the final decision comes down to Freeze and the University. But, if what Kelly’s attorney says is true, then one could only speculate that Mr. Swagtastic will be suiting up for the Rebels, and maybe as soon as spring practice.

There were no criminal charges

No, Chad Kelly was not charged with assault. No, Kelly was not charged with making violent threats. Kelly was only charged with non-criminal charges of disorderly conduct. This won’t even be a misdemeanor. If Kelly were to go apply for a job at Best Buy tomorrow, this wouldn’t even show up on a background check. So, why not suit up for the Rebels?

Hugh Freeze has not said, “no”

By now, if the criminal acts of Kelly were so severe, wouldn’t Freeze have already made his decision to cut him? Freeze did say that he would wait until after the court date to decide the fate of Kelly at Ole Miss. This is because of Eoannou’s contact with the University, and the evidence showing Kelly wasn’t the only one at fault in the situation. Had the video shown clear evidence of Kelly throwing the first punch, and screaming AK47 threats, this story might be different. And yes, had the situation been more severe, Freeze would have not hesitated and cut Kelly. Look at Bobby Hill, who was arrested just a little under a year ago on sexual battery charges. He was immediately kicked from the team and before his court date.

Ole Miss Needs a Quarterback

This statement does not go against the previous one. Had Kelly’s situation been more severe, it would not matter what position he played, and his successful resume. But, Ole Miss needs a quarterback, and let’s face it, if Kelly were a long snapper, there wouldn’t be so many headlines of this story. Ole Miss is in current transition of their first year without Bo Wallace. There is current depth with DeVante Kincade and Ryan Buchanan. The pair of former four-star prospects received playing time this past season, but their resume of experience is not as lengthy as Kelly’s. Mr. Swag is coming off a NJCAA National Championship, and a 3,000+ yard-season that also resulted in 47 touchdown passes. This trio battle will be a “must see” come time for spring practices.