Coach Hugh Freeze on Chad Kelly: “If he continues on the journey he’s on, we’re gonna give it a go together”

As reported by, Coach Hugh Freeze attended the 2015 Paul “Bear” Bryant Awards banquet Wednesday evening in Houston. While he attended the ceremony, Freeze gave reporters some intriguing feedback on the current situation with JUCO signee, Chad Kelly. We should not have to reevaluate what happened to the former four-star quarterback last month.  If you’ve missed out on that news, go here.

Freeze was a finalist for the Bryant award, which is awarded to the coach of the year. As expected, Gary Patterson of TCU won this year’s award.

After the ceremony, the media had the opportunity to ask the coaches who attended a few questions. Joel Jackson, managing editor of, told The Rebel Walk he asked Coach Freeze about the status of Chad Kelly. Freeze had this to respond:

“Chad…I had a meeting with him this morning before I left. I feel good about where things are. School starts next Wednesday, I believe. If he continues on the journey he’s on, we’re gonna give it a go together. We’re gonna handcuff ourselves together. I believe in the redemptive quality of man, to give a guy a chance.”

And then added…

“He’s obviously made mistakes. He hasn’t made them with us yet. We all think we can be a difference. If I don’t, then I tried and I’ll take some criticism. But you know, I try not to listen to criticism or praise. I’m just really about the redemptive quality of man and giving a kid a chance.”

However, Freeze also explained that Kelly must complete everything he has laid out for him in order to be eligible for football program.

“Now he has to complete everything that I’ve laid out for him before the green light is given. Everything to this point points in the direction that he’s on track to do that.”

Kelly is back in Oxford. He has been sited around various events within the Oxford community. For now, it appears Kelly is on the right track in joining the football program by spring practices. He would be competing for the starting quarterback role against Ryan Buchanan and Devante Kincade.