Ole Miss Football: Predicted 2015 Season Depth Chart


So, we have hauled in another recruiting class. By coach Hugh Freeze’s measures, it is the deepest class he has ever signed. However, some Rebel fans still gloom over the missed prospects on National Signing Day. Stop. It was not that bad of a class, and when Freeze stated it was “deep”, he really meant that. For what we are about to present (a prediction of the 2015 depth chart), don’t deny the fact that it is way more in depth than the 2014 preseason depth chart.

Compared to 2014, we are projected to be more deep and talented on the offensive line, running backs, wide receivers, and the defensive secondary. I also believe we will have more depth at nose tackle, defensive tackle, and defensive end. The area of concern at this point would be at linebacker, but we have not witnessed what incoming talents Terry Caldwell, Shawn Curtis, and Zedrick Woods can do on the field. All are expected to make impacts, and could possibly compete for some serious playing time in the upcoming season.

The big question is who is going to be the starting quarterback. For many, our prediction will be considered bold, maybe too bold.

Reminder. We have not yet started spring practices and some of these incoming freshmen will not arrive until fall. This is simply a prediction. In no way is this an officially released depth chart by the university. Some of the jersey numbers are predicted as well, as the incoming 2015 class has not yet released their official numbers.

Also note that some of these players could see position changes during the off-season. The only position change we are aware of at the moment is Jeremy Liggins will make appearances at offensive tackle next season. Other players like Derrick Jones and Quintavius Burdette are currently listed as wide-receiver, but may find themselves once again fill depth on the defense next season. I would like to see Freeze to find a nice role for freshman Kendrick Doss. He is a former four-star quarterback who was redshirted last season, and will likely find little to no playing time at the position in the upcoming season. He is just sitting there with Ryan Buchanan, Devante Kincade, or Chad Kelly likely to receive the starting role behind center.

Here is our predicted depth chart to the 2015 Ole Miss football season. Just look at the depth at wide receiver, running backs, offensive line, and the defensive secondary.

(From left to right is 1st string, 2nd string, and 3rd string. You may have to scroll from left to right or view in landscape when viewing the chart on your mobile device.)

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