Top-12 Ole Miss fan Twitter follows for Reb fans


As we are at the midway point of the Ole Miss baseball season, now is a good time to make sure your Twitter game is in full gear before August gets here. I mean, we at Ole Hotty Toddy can’t have you not following the best Ole Miss fan Twitter accounts. It was very hard, but all of us were able to finalize the top accounts you should click.

Here we go: The following are the top fan Twitter accounts in no particular order.

@BunkiePerkins: If #OleMissTwitter had a President, it would be Bunkie. If you ever appreciated professional wrestling at any point in your life, you can be assured you’re covered here. An unabashed fan of the perfect joke, you’ll be glad you jumped on board.

@FauxHughFreeze: Believe it or not, this is not actually Hugh Freeze. For Rebels, he’s the perfect lighter fluid for a Mississippi State argument and always will have your back.

@EMsStTE: Love the Egg Bowl rivalry? Love Ole Miss? This is a no brainer.

@VegasRebs: Deeply entrenched inside the bowels of #OleMissTwitter is Vegas. Be warned, he will draw you in. You’ll see the beauty that is both #LSUTwitter and the #MSUMafia in its most beautiful and awful form. He’ll answer anyone and be warned, he will attack.

@Swayze_CrazyBSB: This is a follow for all Ole Miss Baseball fans. Score alerts? Opinions? Video? Audio? They are always there when you need them. There’s not a game that goes by that Swayze and I do not cross paths. Most importantly, they love Ole Miss Baseball.

@ColeMissSports: Looking for the perfect .jpeg, .gif or meme? Just like a grand slam to win the game when you’re down three, Cole is there to give you that smile after the big Ole Miss sports moment. Long live the Marshall Henderson .gif.

@AlexMcDaniel: Technically a member of the media, Alex is the perfect follow for all things The Grove, cocktails, southern culture and the perfect wardrobe. If you’re a parent, you’ll appreciate all the help and the parental tales are always a treat.

@ToTheRebels and @OleMissNoProb: Here’s a perfect follow to recall all of your college days. From parking tickets to the new thing going on campus, these follows keep you posted on campus news.

@OMRecruiting: If you are a fan of football recruiting, this is a great fan follow of recruits across the country that are interested in Ole Miss.

@AllOleMiss: A great go-to for recruiting but essentially everything you could want from an Ole Miss account.

@ClayChand: A member of the media, but not sports media. Doesn’t matter, follow him. You’re welcome.

We’ll have the top media account list coming soon, along with all of the official Ole Miss Twitter handles so your football weekends will be complete.