LOOK: New Ole Miss Basketball Uniforms Are Released

The Ole Miss basketball team is now a Nike Elite program, which carries with it many advantages and disadvantages.

The Ole Miss basketball program is trying to make its way into the modern-day NCAA basketball discussion. The athletic association has proven that they are willing to put in the money and time needed for that to happen.

With The Pavilion being opened last season, the basketball program is on the rise in the national spotlight.

Back in the Spring, it was announced that the school would become one of the few Nike Elite programs. What that means is that Nike will furnish the team with new uniforms and other equipment.

This is a big step forward for the basketball program, as it is trying to start recruiting on a national level.

The uniforms are akin to the new Kentucky uniforms. I like the overall design, but the cut is weird in my opinion. It looks a lot like a woman’s uniform.

But that is what Nike has brought to the table this year, and with that, we will wear it with pride.

The Ole Miss basketball season begins in November when Ole Miss takes on Morehouse in Oxford on the 3rd of November.

Ole Miss is looking to be a much-improved team this season, and will look sharp on the field doing so.

Fitzpatrick-Dorsey is the first one to “release” the new uniforms, with Jake Coddington posting the new look to Instagram too.

Look for the Rebs to pick up some steam in basketball recruiting this season.