Hugh Freeze indiscretions have caused mixed feelings at Ole Miss

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The news about the departure of Hugh Freeze rocked the national sports media cycle. However, it also left Ole Miss fans feeling discombobulated.

I have been a Hugh Freeze apologist. There have been several times I’m gone toe to toe with a Mississippi State fan over the legitimacy of Freeze. I have written several articles defending his character and his decisions. I have admittedly being a fan of his religious fervor that he publicly represented.

Therefore, like the rest of you, I find myself trying to figure out what just happened. I’m not talking about the actual phone calls to the escort service. What just happened to our football program? In two years we’ve went from celebrating a Sugar Bowl victory to looking to replace the man who brought us there.

First and foremost, one can only imagine the hurt his wife and daughters are going through. The pressure of the NCAA investigation was already taking a toll on their lives. However, when you add the indiscretions Freeze admitted to, the pain has to be sickening. I pray for peace in their lives as they deal with this situation.

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

Secondly, the guys who came from their hometowns in order to play for Freeze and his coaching staff must be shaken. It takes a lot of time to form relationships which will convince kids to give you everything on the field. These guys saw him as more than just another guy. He was a father figure to many of these guys.

Therefore, to have the guy who spends time telling you how to be a responsible young man succumb to the very things he warns about is disheartening.  All of these things coming to light just weeks before the start of fall camp has to be a hard pill to swallow.

What About the Fans

As fans, we have run the gamut of emotions. The news about Freeze came so quickly and unexpectedly that we did not have time to brace for impact. We were just beginning our chatter about the O. J. Simpson probation hearing when news came down the pike that something else was brewing around Ole Miss. After that, the bottom dropped out.

We feel disappointment in Hugh Freeze. Many defended him daily and now feel let down. It is known that no one is perfect. However, his position in the public eye made his declaration of faith more visible. With that visibility came a responsibility to live as close to your profession of faith as possible.

When the indiscretion is one of morality it weakens the perception of your faith. That display of poor judgement is used by those who’s faith isn’t as strong as a reason to mock those who truly believe. Many liked Freeze because of his strong profession of faith. It’s disappointing for this to be the reason for his dismissal.

Lost in this news is the fact that Freeze brought us some great memories. During his tenure we saw some of the greatest wins in the history of the school. We were introduce to some of the greatest Rebels we have ever seen. There were plays that happen that will live in our memory forever.

Hugh Freeze did some great things while here. I also believe everyone deserves grace and mercy. For all have sin and come short of the glory of God. However, I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.

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It is time to let Hugh Freeze go. It is time to move on to the players and coaches left on the team. They will be on the field each Saturday in the fall (except the bye week). We need to be ready to support them. No matter who is coaching them.