Ole Miss Football: Grove Grinder, Football Gods Are Appeased

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 15: Tight end Evan Engram
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 15: Tight end Evan Engram /

It’s never easy being a Ole Miss football fan. Even when it’s great it seems to turn sour pretty quickly. However, there are moments when all is good and the football gods are happy.

This is a different Grove Grinder. No, I’m not going to fuss about Ole Miss football or the Ole Miss administration. Truth be told, winning makes a huge difference in football terms. Winning over an SEC foe in a homecoming game is huge! However, there is always more football than just Ole Miss football. Oh there is local high-school football and of course, there is always NFL.

In recent years I’ve had the good fortune of watching winning teams play football. Oh we all have. For many of us we’ve been able to see our favorite high-school, college and professional teams play and win. However, this has been a different kind of season for many of us. Seldom this season have we see all of our favorite teams win. This past weekend was different.

I’m a huge Philadelphia Tornadoes fan. It’s where I went to high school and played high school football. My youngest son also played there. Naturally I love to see the Tornadoes play well and win. So far they’ve been unstoppable and are currently ranked No.1 in the state of Mississippi in class 2A. Then of course there are the Ole Miss Rebels. We all know what kind of season it’s been for Ole Miss football so I won’t expound on that. Then there are the New York Giants. Oh it’s true! Maybe I am a glutton for punishment after all?

It’s Been Rough

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

So you see this football season has been rough for me as a fan. However, I realize it’s been rough for all of us. Then there was this weekend.

This past Thursday night Philly High played Union and was victorious by a score of 56-6. Saturday of course, Ole Miss beat Vandy on homecoming 57-35. I was once again on a roll to a winning trifecta. Then there are the Giants.

Yes, my whole parley depended on the New York Giants who had failed to win a game thus far this season. Yeah, it’s been a bad season for the G-men so far. They have felt the brunt of the angry football gods. They’ve also felt the brunt of the injury bug.

So when all the NFL pundits were saying the Giants didn’t have a chance of beating the Broncos No.1 defense, I kind of agreed. Trust me, I had no idea Eli and Co would come into Denver and completely dominate the Broncos. I mean the Gs were playing guys at receiver which I’d never heard of. However, there were some very familiar Ole Miss names in the game. Eli, Evan Engram and John Jerry were all starters for the Giants.

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Of course, the Giants surprised everybody with a huge 23-10 win. How will this affect the rest of the Giant’s season? Oh it certainly help on a morale level. There are obvious locker room issues in which a win will help. Having to deal with major injuries can be tough on a team and it has been for the Giants. However, they found a formula Sunday night which took down the best defense in the NFL. This is proof anything can happen in football. It did this weekend. Every team I love won! Hotty Toddy!