Ole Miss Football: Grading Out The Ole Miss/Vandy Game

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 14: Linebacker DeMarquis Gates
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 14: Linebacker DeMarquis Gates /
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Coaching Grades

Of course, when we see a conference win it’s always good. Naturally we can expect the grades to be much better as well. This week they are and it always begins at the top. Head coach Matt Luke has shown something in the last two games which we had been missing from him, fire on the sidelines.

Ole Miss fans have been waiting to see the fire and excitement which Luke brought to the sidelines as the offensive line coach. This Ole Miss football team is special. There is an exceptional amount of talent and Luke knows this. Despite coaching for a future job, Matt Luke is a Ole Miss Rebel. He wants to get the most of this team each and every game and when he is excited the team is also.

In the Vandy game it was obvious there was an increase in plays and Luke had obviously spent time with the offensive line. His opening of the playbook and sticking to the super-fast tempo was enough to get him a great grade.

Head Coach Grade, A

Offensive Coordinator

OK, so OHT has been more than a little tough on coach Phil Longo. Of course, we can only base our opinions on what we’ve either seen or failed to see. Naturally, the grades OHT hands out are based much the same way.

Last week we stated in the Vandy preview several things we wanted to see from Longo. In the Vandy game he focused on what he knows works. He dedicated the number of carries on the ground to his top back and committed to establishing a rushing game. We wanted to see Wilkins get more touches and he did.

Of course, his game-plan always includes a heavy dose of Shea Patterson and the NWO receiver corp. Having the No.1 quarterback and wide receiver tandem in the SEC and putting up 600+ yards in the win deserve a good grade.

OC Grade, A

Defensive Coordinator

So it’s at this point where OHT has to explain we are really trying to be nice when handing out these grades. OK, we all know this defense isn’t where it should be or needs to be. We can’t bleed for 35 points and win ball games against SEC West opponents on a consistent basis.

However, we have seen an improvement on the defensive side of the ball as they’ve progressed into the half-way point of the season. Of course, we can’t look past the fact we have a long way to go on the defensive side of the ball. I like coach Wesley McGriff and I feel he is doin g all he can to develop the Ole Miss defense back to what we are accustomed to.

The simple fact of the matter, Ole Miss football fans have become spoiled by the past ‘Landshark’ defenses. Of course, the homecoming win over Vanderbilt football is still a win and the defense improved overall.  Coach Wesley McGriff deserves the grade he gets.

DC Grade, B-

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In Closing

So there you go. OHT has graded out the Ole Miss/Vandy game. Do you agree with the grades? If not, feel free to sign up for Disqus and leave your comments here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Hotty Toddy!