Ole Miss Football: The LSU Tigers Should Be Our Real Rival!

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 22: Eugene Brazley
BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 22: Eugene Brazley /

Ole Miss football has a real SEC opponent this Saturday in LSU. The Bayou Bengals have been winners this season and should be given rival status.

When Ole Miss football fans begin to question our rivals you can bet there will be some hurt feelings. Especially when you question the Miss State bulldogs as being a real rival. I realize Miss State is an in-state match-up however they are far from being a rival. A 19 game deficit has relegated them to ‘little brother’ status at best. I’m fairly certain I will never see Miss State have the advantage in the series unless it’s a random win upon occasion.

So why waste our time with a match-up which rarely brings anything to their so-called rivalry? Maybe they’d be better off with someone who isn’t 19 games ahead? Enter LSU as a real rival. I mean a rivalry is supposed to be something which both teams stand to gain something. Besides keeping Special Eddie awake for a year, there hasn’t been much of an advantage for Ole Miss. Of course, there is the random win for Miss State.

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

However, LSU also has a 19 game advantage in the series with Ole Miss. So why in the world would we want to make LSU our main rival? It’s simple, Ole Miss has been dragged thru the mud of the college football media world by a sinister plot by Miss State to take down Ole Miss.

I mean  they figure if they can’t beat us on the field then they can manipulate the NCAA to derail the Ole Miss football program. I’d say the so-called ‘rivalry’ with State College has become so toxic mutt fans had rather see us fail than to achieve their own success.

Enter The Tigers

This is where LSU comes in. Miss State hates the fact we even dare call the Tigers our true rival. They especially hate the fact there is a ‘Magnolia Bowl’ Trophy to honor the winner of the OM/LSU game.

To be honest the trophy isn’t much to look at and should be spruced up a bit in my opinion. However, it symbolizes a match-up the mutts can never be a part of. Miss State simply isn’t in the same class of football as LSU nor Ole Miss. I feel more sympathy for Miss State than anything. They are a mere distraction for Ole Miss more than anything else.

Of course, it also comes down to a matter of respect among college football. Ole Miss may loathe LSU but we do respect them. There is no respect for Ole Miss by Miss State or vise versa. The Egg Bowl rivalry has become destructive to the point State College coaching staff and administrators were finagling in the NCAA investigation.

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Now we all know there is no love lost between Ole Miss and LSU either. However, when you also factor in Orgeron having been the head coach at Ole Miss it brings a little more to the renewal of an old rivalry. So we have enough incentive by far to make it happen. It’s way past time to put the Egg Bowl rivalry behind us and reach for something solid as a football program. I believe LSU and the Magnolia Bowl are the answer to all of our problems. At least then we have something worth playing for. Hotty Toddy!