Ole Miss Football: Three Things We Learned From The LSU Game

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 21: Darrel Williams
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 21: Darrel Williams /
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We All Have An Opinion

There is no doubt we have talent on this team. While I have no problem calling out a coach I stay away from criticizing players who are giving their all. As Ole Miss football fans we should realize these young men are only human and very suspect to injuries. Playing a grinding and very tough SEC schedule will take its toll both physically and mentally.

Of course, this results in players having bad games from time to time. It’s on the coaches to work with these players to get their best. When a player makes a mistake it’s seldom of their own doing. They are being coached to play the way they are and therein lies the problem.

So far there have been 4 losses in which this staff was simply out-coached. After showing positive halftime adjustments in the second half of the Auburn we all hoped this young staff would get over their learning curve. Saturday they came into the game unprepared and made very poor adjustments throughout the loss to the Tigers.

Improper Adjustments

Game plans will vary from opponent to opponent. However, there should always be a staff willing to make proper adjustments. Not taking Shea out early was an obvious mistake. Playing a player with that injury is very questionable at best.

When plan A doesn’t seem to work then you must have a backup plan. However, not having a plan B falls on the coaches shoulders and not the players. When you actually have a plan B and fail to use it, it becomes even worse.

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Now we’re hearing Shea will be out for the rest of the season. Enter plan B, Jordan Ta’amu. It’s obvious to Ole Miss football fans this staff is history with the mistakes which have been made so far, and we still have five games left. I can’t imagine how bad it could get before it gets better. Of course, the coaches are only human as well.