Ole Miss Football: Grading Out The Ole Miss/LSU Game

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 21: Derrius Guice
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 21: Derrius Guice /
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Coaching Staff

Head Coach

OK, before we get started let me say this. I like Matt Luke and would love to see him succeed as head coach of the Rebels. However, we all know is days are numbered in Oxford. That is unless they are willing to keep him on in his former position as offensive line coach. I believe they owe Luke that much. None of this crap-show is really his fault anyway when all is said and done.

I’ve tried to remain optimistic and held hope Luke would learn from some of his mistakes thus far this season. So far in 3 out of the 4 losses the Rebels have sustained, Luke and his staff have been considerably out-coached. The staffs from Cal, Bama of course and then LSU have all out-drawn the cards from the football deck over Luke and the Rebels staff.

Of course, a rookie collegiate head coach is going to make mistakes. However, this past Saturday Luke dropped the ball big time by allowing Shea to continue to play even though he was injured. I don’t care if the trainers and the player says he can go. At some point a coach has to make a decision which is best for the player and not the team. Because of this Matt Luke gets a failing grade.

Head Coach Grade, F

Offensive Coordinator

No need in sugar-coating the offense or coach Phil Longo. It’s not all on him when his receivers can’t catch a cold. However, he should have made a few more adjustments to make it easier to get  the ball in Jordan Wilkins hands out of the backfield. No, 13 touches is not enough for a player which can make one good run and put points on the board. Especially after recognizing the player he has in Wilkins the week before.

OC Grade, D

Defensive Coordinator

Coach Wesley McGriff is at the swing point in his career right here. This defense is filled with talented players. On paper they look good enough to start against any team in the SEC, however on the field there are times when they appear to be lost. This only falls on one person and it happens to be the defensive coordinator Wesley McGriff.

Coach McGriff we really want to see points scored by the Ole Miss offense and not each and every opponent we face. This is Ole Miss and you are familiar with the type of defense we are used to seeing in Oxford. This defense is not it. We can’t win four quarter games until this defense plays for 4 quarters. Until you can show us what we have been missing from the Landshark defense get used to sub-par marks from OHT.

DC Grade, D

Well there you have the grades for the Ole Miss/LSU game. We have a long way to go with 5 games left. Is the question, will the grades be better against Arky? Or is it can the grades be any worse?

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We don’t have to wait for long as the Razorbacks come calling this Saturday. Kickoff is scheduled for 11am CT and will be televised on SEC Network. Hotty Toddy!