Ole Miss Football: What To Expect From The COI Ruling

ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 06: NCAA President Mark Emmert speaks to the media during a press conference at AT
ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 06: NCAA President Mark Emmert speaks to the media during a press conference at AT /

Ole Miss football and the whole college football world have eagerly awaited the official ruling from the COI regarding the NCAA investigation into the Rebels program.

You may be one of the few Ole Miss football fans who believe the rulings from the COI will be program crippling. However, you may fall into the larger more optimistic group which believe we’ll get little more than self-imposed sanctions. Regardless of which side you fall you will agree we all want to see it get here and be over with.

The great news is now we know we won’t have to wait much longer to see how far the balance falls against Ole Miss football. With days we could have the ruling and it’s a popular belief it will be very favorable for the Rebels. Of course, there are no guarantees however there will likely be an official word from the COI in the next week and a half.

Sooner Rather Than Later

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

Sure, there are many advantages to having the COI ruling released at an earlier date. Knowing whether or not Ole Miss football will have self-imposed sanctions would positively boost morale within the program.

One look at the lack of a crowd in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium this past Saturday shows how interest in Ole Miss football has waned over the past weeks. As one buddy told me, “It’s too bad the game couldn’t have been played in The Grove.”

Ole Miss football recruiting has suffered greatly from the entire investigation. An early and favorable ruling would be a shot of adrenaline in the arm of recruiting and might be the one thing which actually salvages a decent 2018 class.

Also, it would allow prospective candidates for head and assistant coaching positions to have more insight into what is actually going on with the program. Today is November 1 and we don’t have much time left. Soon a lot will be going on with process of hiring a new head coach and staff. When the ball starts rolling, the process will move pretty quickly. Of course, not everyone in the college football world agrees on the timing or content of the ruling.

Some Say Wait

True, there are many advantages to having the ruling come out early. However, there have been a few college football pundits who thought it would be better served later in the season. SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum even added his advice on the situation to the COI.

"“I love this conference and this is where I make most of my living, but I really fear what is about to happen, these two schools meet on Thanksgiving, that’s not what I’m talking about. Somewhere probably after that, because I’ve heard that the committee is not going to release the findings before the game for the safety of everyone.” ~Paul Finebaum"

Come on Paul, when has the NCAA ever given a rip about the sanctity of the actual game? They never have. The only thing the NCAA cares about is the grapple they have over the game itself. The bottom line in dollars means way more to the NCAA than a few over-eager fans hurting one another. Can’t you see your TV show is where you make all of your money off rivalries and irate fans? Come on Paul, just saying.

So Who Really Knows?

Nobody can be sure what or when the COI ruling will be. However, we can all speculate. While Ole Miss fans would love to see self-imposed sanctions, others would like to see us buried. Truth be told, there is really nobody besides the COI itself who really knows what or when the ruling will be. In a recent interview with Ben Garrett of OMSpirit, Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork acknowledged the lack of a dialogue with the NCAA.

"“The only thing we can count on is we know the date of our hearing, we know the day we finished and we know the week of Nov. 6 would be an eight-week window from the time we had our hearing. You look at that and say, typically, these things have been in that 6-8, sometimes nine-week window. We’re on the ready. We’re on alert. But we have no indication of exactly what that day might look like or when it’s coming. But we’ll be prepared either way.” ~Ross Bjork"

Next: The NCAA Clock Is Ticking

Of course, if the Ole Miss administration doesn’t have any idea then nobody does. However, we do know it’s coming soon. For now, many Ole Miss football fans are positively optimistic about the outcome. Self imposed sanctions within the next week would be a huge cloud removed from the Ole Miss football program. Either way we need to be prepared because we know it’s coming. Then things can finally begin getting better for Rebel Nation. Hotty Toddy.