Ole Miss Football: Grading Out The Ole Miss/Kentucky Game

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Coaching Staff

Head Coach

This entire coaching staff was thrust into a no-win situation as soon as Freeze was forced to resign. Matt Luke was named interim head coach which immediately drew the ire of some Ole Miss football fans. He has faced what some believe to be unfair scrutiny in his efforts.

In big-time college football it all begins with the head coach. When we see Matt Luke get excited on the sidelines we see the attitude reflected on the field. For him to be able to hold this team together thru this season and get a road win over a strong 6-2 Wildcats team is unbelievable. For his attitude and the game-plan adjustments going into Lexington, coach Luke grades out well.

Head Coach Grade, A

Offensive Coordinator

We all know I’ve been tough on Longo so far this season. Mainly it’s been the lack of a rushing game which I’ve questioned. Of course, there have also been occasions when his play-calling was in question. Although we still failed to establish a good rushing game his play-calling in the Kentucky game is not so much in question.

Against the Wildcats we saw him put his confidence in his young quarterback. We also watched Longo make some good adjustments to help keep Ole Miss in the game and ultimately get the win. Of course, Longo is coaching for a future job somewhere and a win on the road looks great on his resume. Maybe we put too much emphasis on the running game? However, until we see it happen on the field Longo is stuck with a fair grade.

OC Grade, B+

Defensive Coordinator

Coach Wesley McGriff is in pretty much the same the same boat as every other coach on this team. He is pretty much in a no-win situation yet he is coaching for his next job at this point in the season. Of course, the second half of the Kentucky game could very well be a part of his highlight reel after the season.

Against Kentucky the run defense was still porous but they were moments when the Rebel run defense did step up. As stated earlier, the four straight 3 and outs in the second half were a huge part of securing the Rebels win in Lexington. Because they helped get the win Crimedawg does deserve a little credit and a decent grade.

DC Grade, B+

Of course, a road win over a 6-2 SEC team is always great. With the exception of coaches Nix, Harris and Jones, none of these coaches have coached in their positions on this level before. Maybe now they are learning how to work together. Their grades certainly improved with the huge win.

Overall Coaching Staff Grade, A-

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Well there you have the grades for the Ole Miss/Kentucky game last Saturday. Will the grades be better for Louisiana-Lafayette? We won’t have to wait long to find out. Ole Miss host the Ragin’ Cajuns tomorrow from Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 11am CT and will be televised on the SEC Network. Hotty Toddy!