Ole Miss Football: And The 2017 Conerly Trophy Winner Is…… AJ Brown, WR Of Ole Miss!


Who is the greatest receiver in Ole Miss football history? AJ Brown has an argument based on his performance this season and there’s more to come!

AJ Brown has been prolific in his short career at Ole Miss. He has shown his talents as he has played injured this season. Of course, you would be hard pressed to find a defensive back who would admit they played against him while he was hurt. Yet AJ still played and despite have one or two mediocre games still emerged as the premier wide receiver in the nation.

Just how good is AJ Brown? Good enough to garner the attention of the SEC and the nation. But he is also good enough to garner the most prestigious award in Mississippi college football, the Conerly Trophy. However, AJ Brown, a Starkville native found his way to Oxford and he’s all Rebel. So far AJ Brown has been dynamic on a receiving level which is rare.

AJ Brown is the premier receiver in a corp of stellar athletes. As the NWO they are a very special group of receivers. Of course, AJ Brown is first chair. On the season AJ has been a highlight reel of great plays. Naturally, I could be picky and choose my faves but I’ll go with these instead and you can see for yourself!

AJ The Beast

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

Some of you may remember me saying “AJ Brown is my favorite receiver on this team!” Yes AJ Brown is a great receiver and has proven he can play against the best in the SEC.

AJ is not just a receiver but he is a predator. AJ is a beast when it comes to the position of WR.

There will not be a better WR sitting during the post season in college football. Dare say there may not be a better comparison to AJ playing in this postseason.

When you look at the numbers AJ has put up this season you have to consider AJ isn’t just the best in the SEC. AJ Brown is the best in the nation.

In 12 games this season, AJ caught 75 passes for 1,252 yards and 11 TDs. His numbers against the toughest division in college football were stuff which legends are made of. When you consider his average was 16.7 yards per catch then you see the offensive weapon AJ Brown really is.

To imagine he is from Starkville, haha. Maybe that’s what really makes the Conerly Trophy so special. The fact a Ole Miss player from Starkville could win the best trophy in the State of Mississippi.

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Ole Miss may have had a season cut short by NCAA misfortune but all is not over for AJ Brown. Of course AJ is the leading receiver in the SEC. AJ is also the 5th ranked receiver in the nation in yardage in the best conference in the nation. Oh AJ has some more season left though it may not be on the field. Congratulations AJ! Hotty Toddy!