Ole Miss Football: Master Luke – “May The Force Be With You”

LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 04: Matt Luke the head coach of the Mississippi Rebels watches the action against the Kentucky Wildcats at Commonwealth Stadium on November 4, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
LEXINGTON, KY - NOVEMBER 04: Matt Luke the head coach of the Mississippi Rebels watches the action against the Kentucky Wildcats at Commonwealth Stadium on November 4, 2017 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

When Matt Luke had the ‘interim’ tag removed from being the Ole Miss football head coach November 27th, he assumed not being just the leader of the Rebels. Now he’s got to lead and unite the Rebel Nation against the evil empire known as the NCAA.

On December 1st the NCAA Death Star led by Mike “Darth” Sheridan struck Ole Miss football with a vengeance. Four years of probation, a minimal fine and losing only 13 scholarships is certainly easy to overcome. But then came the second strike with a second year bowl ban that does not line up with the NCAA penalty matrix.

By doing that, the NCAA hopes that the football “Star Wars” Rebels would disperse to other schools, leaving the Rebels decimated with not enough players to compete in the rugged SEC.  That’s where the NCAA underestimated “The Force” of the Rebel faithful.  Led by Ole Miss Athletic Director Ross “Han Solo” Bjork, a message was clearly communicated that we will fight the NCAA with all that we have.

The Committee on Infractions, basically rubber stamped what Mike “Darth” Sheridan and his team recommended. That’s where Sheridan and Jonathan Duncan of the NCAA along with Greg Christopher on the Committee of Infractions under estimated the will of the Rebel Nation. Ole Miss Chancellor Jeff Vitter and Ross Bjork were clear in the press conference that we will fight the unjust rulings of a second year bowl ban and lack of institutional control.

Freeze Almost Unscathed

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

Lost in all of this is how former Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze basically walked away with just a scratch being able to coach in 2018.  That’s certainly a head scratcher when it was well-known that Freeze and Sheridan had an adversarial relationship at best.

Ole Miss will appeal and the facts will come out particularly around Mississippi State’s Leo Lewis who changed his story more than there are episodes of Star Wars. The evidence refuting Leo’s allegations are overwhelming and even the Committee on Infractions were stunned by his inconsistencies.

Despite Ole Miss and its lawyers presenting what they thought was a slam dunk case, the committee came back saying that Leo Lewis was credible. What? You’ve got to be kidding!  The question is why?

Well first of all the COI rubber stamps the enforcement’s recommendations most of the time while ignoring the facts.  In their eyes you are guilty until proven innocent.  It’s been reported that the investigators used unethical and some say illegal tactics to get what they wanted.

NCAA’s Death Star Is Weakened

Remember, Darth Vader’s weaknesses were protected by his soldiers and I believe that the NCAA is protecting their investigator’s to keep their sham going. This is where the NCAA went wrong.  We have found the weak point in the NCAA Death Star and it will be exploited with the NCAA’s corruption being exposed.

The Rebel Rags lawsuit may play a huge role in this as well. Depositions can uncover a lot of unknown information and that’s something that will not end well for the NCAA, Leo Lewis and others.  Ole Miss with the assistance of their law firms will win this appeal. In my opinion it’s a slam dunk.

Now that leads to the current state of the Ole Miss Football program. Seniors can transfer without penalty and there will be a few but not many that leave. Most will be looking for more playing time. Other schools have been illegally contacting our underclassmen and are attempting to poach a talented roster.

That’s where Matt Luke is the Jedi Rebel.  He has the “light saber” to protect his team. The players love and respect him. If you have any questions about that, watch the video when Ross Bjork introduced him to the team.  It will give you goose bumps.  Matt Luke has red and blue blood and he loves this university.  He will unite this team and Ole Miss Fans and we will prove the NCAA and its evil empire wrong.

Next: Nuke The NCAA!

We will have our light sabers ready to fight off other schools and perception. They will win games and the forces of evil will have to retreat. It’s truly ironic that “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” movie is being released on December 15th. For those who aren’t Star Wars fans, the Jedi soldiers are Rebels. Our Jedi Rebels will be led into battle in 2018 by a permanent Rebel head coach.

Matt Luke – “May The Force Be With You”