Ole Miss Football: Steven Godfrey’s ‘Foul Play: Paid In Mississippi’

Get ready Ole Miss football fans, things are going to be revealed soon with Steven Godfrey’s ‘Foul Play: Paid In Mississippi’.

If you haven’t heard, Steven Godfrey of SB Nation is releasing a four-part video documentary on the cheating in college football. It specifically covers the five-year soap opera of the Ole Miss football NCAA investigation and arch rival Mississippi State’s role in it. The trailer which is linked below has already created a buzz mostly in the state of Mississippi and will air May 30th.

The series that can be streamed on go90.com revolves around a five-year investigation into the compensation of college athletes in the state as well as the NCAA’s investigation of Ole Miss. The trailer for the show features Godfrey, journalist and Ole Miss alum Alex McDaniel, and political commentator and avid college football fan James Carville.



Ole Miss fans are awaiting the Mother of All Bombs that will exonerate Ole Miss and incriminate the Bulldogs. If that what you are getting your popcorn ready for, then you may want to rethink your plans. I don’t know Steven personally but I do know people who do. He’s an excellent journalist and he will report what he finds whether it’s good, bad or ugly period.  Yes, he graduated from Ole Miss and by all accounts is a Rebel but we will not come out unscathed in this documentary nor should we.

We did break some rules and we have admitted to that.  MSU fans are saying it’s going to be just another propaganda piece for Ole Miss.  I am more than certain that it won’t.  Steven Godfrey has been working on this for a long time.  My guess is your going to see two rival schools telling lies about each other while the so-called governing the body, the NCAA, will be exposed for using questionable some say illegal tactics to frame Ole Miss and some of their boosters.  You will learn about the “bag men” that pay college athletes.

Environment Of Corruption

I believe this is an epidemic in college football with the SEC abusing this more than other conferences by far.  I believe you will see the corruption of the NCAA in regards to the Rebel Rags portion of the NCAA investigation where Ole Miss presented overwhelming evidence to exonerate Terry Warren and his retail establishment. Despite inconsistencies in the stories by Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones of Mississippi State, the NCAA COI ignored such evidence to rail road their agenda against Ole Miss.

Much of the drama between Ole Miss, MSU and the NCAA has only been known by a few people. Mostly people associated with the State of Mississippi are very familiar with the situation. However, I believe Godfrey’s documentary will get national play and expose several people and organizations. Fans of both Mississippi schools should wait until his video series airs before criticizing him or his agenda. Many are asking if it will help Ole Miss and Rebel Rags in the appeal process. I believe it will but this is the NCAA dictatorship we are talking about, so don’t assume anything either way.

Get Your Popcorn Ready

So, this writer is getting his popcorn, Coca-Cola and Hershey’s Kisses ready for an informative yet entertaining blockbuster. Everyone should watch this with an open mind. Get ready as it’s going to be a fun ride with Steven Godfrey at the wheel.