Ole Miss Football: Five Areas Of Concern Headed Into The 2018 Season

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Although Ole Miss football is expected by most Rebels fans to be much improved in 2018 there are still areas of concern which surround the football season.

The beginning of the 2018 edition of Ole Miss football is under three months away and we are excited to see this Rebels team. And while all Rebels fans are excited to see the 2018 season get kicked off there are many fans who are worried. Could Ole Miss actually do worse than last season? Some college football pundits seem to think so. However, although it is always possible, it is highly unlikely. For those of you who don’t the story bear with me.

In 2017 the Ole Miss football program played underneath a dark cloud most of the season but turned it around in the second half of the Auburn game. There were still some up and downs over the remainder of the season, but the Rebels played their way to a 31-28 win over No.14 ranked in-state rival Miss State. The win gave Ole Miss football the Golden Egg and 6-6 record. The 6-6 record and the Egg gave Matt Luke the permanent head coach position.

It wasn’t long and the COI handed down their sanctions and that’s when things began to start looking better. Sure, the NCAA sanctions are never a good thing but these just haven’t seemed to have the negative impact some had hoped for. This past spring showed that this team has the potential to pick up where they left off offensively.  Of course, there are areas of concern and we’ll take a look at some of ours here at OHT from least to worst. Let’s begin.

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