Ole Miss Football: The GOATS Of Ole Miss, Top 10 All-Time Rebels

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Ole Miss football has turned out scores of great players throughout the history of the program and some have made forever indelible impressions.

We may remember that one great Ole Miss football player which secured a win against our rival. But a GOAT, they leave an indelible impression on our memories and the record-books. There have been many great Rebels who have made a significant impact on the Ole Miss program and for each of us we have our greatest of all time. Here we will look at the GOATS of Ole Miss.

I must begin by admitting this was no easy task being a lifelong fan of Ole Miss football. I admit the possibility I may just be a little biased by what I have witnessed in my own Rebel history. In order to be fair and impartial, I researched the records and recalled some of my dad’s stories as I was growing up. That’s what helps make the ‘GOAT’ what it is, the legend and lore behind the ‘Greatest Of All Time’.

Is it all just legend and lore? Absolutely not. In fact, there are great players in Ole Miss football history many Rebel fans may have never even heard of. Could they be GOATS as well? Could they have possibly enamored the Ole Miss faithful and college football enough to be considered? Why of course. However, many of these ‘GOATS’ will be record setters and record breakers in the annals of Ole Miss history. So let’s get started with the one’s who almost made the list.

Honorable Mention

Oh the dreaded Honorable Mention! Anyone who has ever owned goats knows more than about a dozen and things get out of hand. This could have easily been a Top 15 or Top 20 list of Goats, however Top 10 just sounds better. Also, the more players added to the list only dilutes the whole idea of ‘Greatest Of All Time’.

The whole concept of a being a GOAT is to be the absolute best, however it is simply impossible to pick just one. So let’s begin with the ones who are legends in their own right and almost made the list.

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