Ole Miss Basketball: The Latest Updates On Rebels Hoops Recruiting

While most Ole Miss football fans are getting geared up for the 2018 season there is a lot going on with Ole Miss basketball recruiting.

As Ole Miss football is just beginning we know Ole Miss basketball will soon follow and some fans are already excited about the hoops program. Coach Kermit Davis has come in and taken charge of a very talented roster and managed to keep the team together in the wake of Andy Kennedy’s resignation. Coach Davis has also done very well on salvaging a very good 2018 recruiting class and the prospect for 2019 already looks good.

The current 2018 recruiting class stand at 7 players of whom there are 6 players who are already enrolled and ready for the court. The other was a hard commit which we believe will enroll soon. According to OMSpirit, the 2018 class is ranked No.50 in the nation and No.8 in the SEC. As for the 2019 class there is a lot to be excited about as well. So far the class stands at just one player but he is a 4-star center. Per OMSpirit, the 2019 class is No.34 in the nation and No.6 in the SEC.

Current 2018 Recruiting Class

The following players have already enrolled in school and will be a part of the 2018-2019 Ole Miss basketball roster.

There is one more member of the 2018 Rebels hoops recruiting class who has not signed yet but is still a hard commit.

These are all outstanding players at their positions and are the future of the Ole Miss basketball program under coach Kermit Davis and his staff.

Current 2019 Recruiting Class

Ok, so a recruiting class still a year away with just one commit may not seem like something to get very excited about but it actually is. Going back to 2013 there has only been one 4* commit for the Rebels who signed. This class will continue to improve with Kermit Davis and his staff at the helm and will certainly rise thru the rankings as it picks up more commits. Whatever questions which fans had about this staff’s ability to recruit the SEC have been answered with ‘Yes’ they can.

Apparently some of the Kermit Davis naysayers have been wrong and so far he has done a great job with the program. One thing we do know is the program is finally headed in the right direction again and Rebels hoops will once again be fun to watch. Please feel free to follow Ole Hotty Toddy  on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Ole Miss basketball recruiting updates. Hotty Toddy!