Are these 3 SEC teams the most overrated heading into the 2024 season?

Valero Alamo Bowl - Arizona v Oklahoma
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LSU Tigers

It doesn't seem long since former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow guided the Tigers to a National Championship win. However, since 2019, it's been just okay, aside from an SEC title game defeat to Georgia in 2022. Brian Kelly goes into his third season looking to achieve a top-ten finish for the first time with the Tigers.

Like Oklahoma, the media is claiming that LSU will be a definitive top-20 team, with the likelihood of a top-15 finish. With a much easier schedule to navigate than previous seasons, it makes sense that they could be a 9-3 team in 2024.

However, despite a defensive coordinator change, their defense didn't do anything during spring practice to tell us they would be better than last season. Last season was ugly at times, but luckily, the offense pulled them out of plenty of holes, with Heisman-winning quarterback Jayden Daniels a big part of that.

The problem is that Daniels and his two stud wide receivers have moved on to the NFL, leaving Garrett Nussmeier to take the reigns at quarterback. He has a strong arm and talent. However, he and a new wide receiver core could see teething problems early. Any miscommunications will be punished with USC, UCLA, and South Carolina in the season's first four games.

Brian Kelly has finished inside the top 15 in both seasons with LSU. Although the media suggests they will do it again, we think otherwise, with the Tigers falling out of the top 20 this season.