Could Ole Miss Football be facing a new head coach at LSU in 2024?

Texas A&M v LSU
Texas A&M v LSU / Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Despite the 2023 season still not being over, rumours are circulating in college football. Last night, an LSU radio host dropped a nugget about the Tigers head coach, Brian Kelly.

It's been happening on and off for a few seasons, as soon as an NFL job opens up, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's name circulates. Once again, Harbaugh is being linked to the NFL with a knock-on effect on other jobs in college football.

LSU radio host, Matt Moscona spoke about the possibility of Brian Kelly leaving LSU for Ann Arbour.

"“If Michigan pursues Brian Kelly, he would leave LSU for Michigan,” “I am confident in saying that.”
“There’s a couple people in coaching that told me, ‘Hey, watch out for Brian Kelly. He’s not a perfect fit there in Baton Rouge. He might be pursuing that Michigan job if it comes open.”"

Matt Moscona

The domino effect would have to start with Jim Harbaugh leaving Michigan. The Wolverines are still in the college football playoffs, so don't expect any news anytime soon. However, with the sign-stealing allegations surfacing a few months back, it could be time for Harbaugh to start fresh.

Brian Kelly hasn't won many LSU fans over during his two seasons as the Tigers head coach. It will be interesting to hear how the rumours are perceived down in Baton Rogue.

Could Ole Miss face their third LSU head coach in four seasons in 2024?