Could we see these five sponsors in the center of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium?

With the latest news that college football teams can profit from on-field sponsorship, could we see these commercial sponsors on Hollingsworth Field?
Vanderbilt v Ole Miss
Vanderbilt v Ole Miss / Justin Ford/GettyImages

As we approach the age of revenue sharing for student-athletes, the NCAA is also approving new rules for college programs. On Thursday, it was announced that college football stadiums can add on-field sponsorships that result in financial income.

Teams can place three ads across the field, one on the 50-yard line and two smaller ones elsewhere. Will Ole Miss capitalize on the new rule? If so, these five companies would be great choices.


One of the biggest transportation companies in the world already has links to the University of Mississippi. FedEx has partnered with Ole Miss for several years in various ventures. FedEx sponsors the on-campus Student-Athlete Academic Support Center.

Nicholas Air

Nicholas Air already partners with Ole Miss, providing exclusive private aviation for the Athletics Foundation. Current quarterback Jaxson Dart recently signed an NIL deal with the company, the first of its kind with a private jet company.

GenTeal Apparel

GenTeal Apparel is a premium menswear clothing shop founded in Oxford, Mississippi. It caters mainly to the outdoors. GenTeal has been rumored to be working with Ole Miss to create performance jerseys for the team.

Wards Restaurant

Mississippi's own Wards Restaurant would be an excellent option for an on-field sponsor at Ole Miss. Known for their famous burger, the " Big One," this would be a welcome sponsor for Ole Miss fans, especially if some free vouchers were being handed out on gamedays.

C Spire

Another Mississippi-based company, C Spire, is a telecommunications company with its headquarters in Ridgeland. The company also has a link to the campus and an office on-site.

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