Ole Miss Football: Jaxson Dart and Quinshon Judkins focused on Peach Bowl

Ole Miss v Texas A&M
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Ole Miss coaches and players met again today with the media for the build-up to the Peach Bowl. Quarterback Jaxson Dart and Quinshon Judkins again had to answer questions about their future with the program.

Representatives from both sides of the ball took to the podium today, building up to the Peach Bowl against Penn State. Quarterback Jaxson Dart and running back Quinshon Judkins were part of the offensive guys selected to talk to the media. Both guys could not escape the questions about their future in Oxford.

The first question was to Jaxson Dart, asking if he'd decided on his future. In the same question, Dart was asked how he stays focused with such a big decision looming.

""The basic thing is I have a great support staff around me. I have great coaches. Obviously my family is amazing, and I have great friends on the team," Dart said. "Honestly not too worried about it right now. Just focused on the bowl game and focused on my preparation and doing my job to help put my team in the best situation to win and help make history here.""

Jaxson Dart

Quinshon Judkins was also asked about his future, in his case regarding the transfer portal.

""I think just for me right now I'm at the point where I'm just focused on this bowl game, just going out with my guys. That's my main focus is just to win this game,""

Quinshon Judkins

The media didn't hold back after their answers, asking again using the recent transfer portal additions as leverage to the question. Both guys stood firm, replying that their main focus is on the Peach Bowl as of now.

Ole Miss fans are eager to hear Dart and Judkins commit to the Rebels. The gut feeling is both guys are likely to stay in Oxford for the 2024 season. No work has been done in the transfer portal to cover either guy, which could mean conversations have been had behind the scenes.

Both guys are key players on the offense and would be tough to replace if either one of them decides their future is not with Ole Miss.

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