Ole Miss has played a lot of football, but here are FBS teams they haven't played yet

The number of FBS teams Ole Miss has not played might surprise you.
Dec 30, 2023; Atlanta, GA, USA; Mississippi Rebels quarterback Jaxson Dart (2) reacts after a big play.
Dec 30, 2023; Atlanta, GA, USA; Mississippi Rebels quarterback Jaxson Dart (2) reacts after a big play. / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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Ole Miss is a long-tenured football program that has been on the field since 1893. The Rebels have seen their fair share of opponents in the FBS. However, they also have not played quite a few teams in the FBS.

The Rebels have been a force to be reckoned with in about the last decade. They have challenged some of the best teams, and been a thorn in Alabama's side thanks to Lane Kiffin.

There are a total of 59 teams that Ole Miss has never faced and 27 of those teams are Power 5 schools. The Rebels won't be crossing any of those teams off the list this season as they are planning to play teams they have all faced before. Some of these teams they have never played could be some great matchups that everyone would love to see.

Ole Miss football vs. AAC

UTSA Roadrunners: The Roadrunners have only been playing football since 2011 and just joined the American Athletic Conference.

USF Bulls: USF has only been playing football since 1997 so still a young program. Ole Miss has historically only played the bigger conference schools in Florida, but with USF becoming a more established program, they could probably get on the Rebel's schedule soon.

Florida Atlantic Owls: FAU is also a younger program playing football only since 2001. They just joined the American and are in the same boat as USF. They are working to build the program and once they do could get in the schedule with Ole Miss.

Charlotte 49ers: Charlotte only joined the FBS in 2015 so they are still a very young football program.

East Carolina Pirates: The Pirates have been in the FBS since 1965 so it is a wonder how these two have never met up. They have been in the American since 2014, so if they can start to perform they may be on Ole Miss's radar for the future.