The Ole Miss Football 2024 Schedule is Seen as One of the Easier Ones in College Football. Is This False?

Ole Miss v Georgia
Ole Miss v Georgia / Perry McIntyre/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Could the Ole Miss Football 2024 schedule be more challenging than we give it credit for?

Many college football media analysts have the Ole Miss schedule as one of the easiest in 2024. Looking at the teams the Rebels face backs up the narrative. However, could it be more demanding than we initially thought

August/September Games

Ole Miss's first four games should be straightforward, even with the trip to Wake Forest in week 3. It would surprise everybody if they were not 4-0 coming out of the non-conference stretch.

The biggest test in September is the last game of the month and the first of the SEC teams the Rebels face. Kentucky might be considered one of the easier conference teams to face in 2024. However, only two seasons ago, the Wildcats finished with a 9-3 regular season, with a win over LSU.

The Kentucky roster looks more robust than the last two seasons, and Ole Miss must be focused. Starting in conference play with a loss wouldn't be a good start for their playoff chances.

October Games

The most brutal stretch of the season for Ole Miss is three games in October, on the road to South Carolina and LSU, ending with a home game against Oklahoma. The Tigers and Sooners were among the top 15 teams last season, and despite roster changes, they have two very intriguing quarterbacks.

South Carolina may offer little, and a down year is expected. After the LSU game, the Rebels have a bye week, with a home visit to Oklahoma before November, which is just as challenging as October.

November Games

Before their next bye week, Ole Miss has to navigate a trip to Arkansas and a home game against Georgia. Though the Bulldogs had a disappointing season in 2023 compared to their high standards, they still dominated the Rebels in Athens. The game will likely be the toughest on the schedule, with the bye week coming at a perfect time before the final two games.

The final two games come against a Florida team who nobody knows what to expect and the Egg Bowl against rivals Mississippi State. The Bulldogs enter the new season with a new head coach looking to play exciting offensive football.

Both of these games are considered wins for Ole Miss. However, if the Rebels get the best of both teams, they will need to play at a high level to secure both wins.

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