Ole Miss v.s. Kentucky: Five Questions With The Enemy


Earlier this week I caught up with Wildcat Blue Nation, a blogging site for the Kentucky Wildcats and asked five questions concerning the upcoming game today.  After our bad beat down from Vanderbilt this game is an almost needed win to help stop the bleeding for our team.  Here are five questions answered from the perspective of a Wildcat.

MATTHEW MILNER: After the upset in Oxford last year are you concerned that the Rebels might do it again this year?

WILDCAT BLUE NATION: When a team is ranked number 1 in the nation, the concern for an upset is always in the back of your mind.  However, I believe that last year’s situation is far different from this year’s situation.  Last year, Kentucky was a team who struggled in every road game they played.  This year, the contest is held in Lexington, in Rupp Arena, and the Wildcats tend to have more than a home court advantage, with the nation’s longest active home win streak.

MM: With Terrence Henry closing in on 1,000 points what will Kentucky do to make sure he doesn’t reach that mark?

WBN:  I don’t feel as if that will be on Kentucky’s mind at all, and it has probably not even been mentioned to most if not all of the players.  Henry is going to get his points throughout the course of the game, and I don’t feel that stopping him from getting to the milestone is as important to Kentucky as winning the game.

MM:  In this game we have two of the SEC’s leading blockers in Reginald Buckner and Anthony Davis, how well do you think that matchup will be?

WBN: The matchup between Buckner and Davis is certainly an interesting one.  One is nationally reconized for jumping onto the scene as a shot blocker while the other has been doing this for over two years now, Davis has a slight height advantage and an even larger length advantage.  Buckner has an advantage in post strength and experience, especially in SEC play.  I give the edge to Davis in this matchup, not saying that he will dominate Buckner in any way, but he is too much of a game changer to be completely shut down.

MM:  Do you think that the game will reamain close or at home will the Wildcats win in a blow out?

WBN:  To say whether it will remain close or be a blowout realy can’t be judged until the game gets going.  If Ole Miss plays a very good game, as teams tend to do against UK, they should be able to keep up with the Cats; however, if the Rebels begin to slip and UK gets going on all cylinders, this game could just as easily get out of hand.

MM:  What will it take for Ole Miss to pull off the upset in your opinion?

WBN: In my opinion, in order for Ole Miss to pull off the upset and snap Kentucky’s home winning streak, I believe that they will have to take the crowd out of  it quickly.  Now, that is no easy task at Rupp Arena, but that is a major factor.  Another factor is that the Rebels need to shoot the ball well, especially from 3 point land.  In UK’s loss at Indiana and several of their other close games, the opposition has shot very well from 3.

I would like to thank Wildcat Blue Nation for participating in five questions with the enemy and it should be a good game today.  Be sure to check out wildcatbluenation.com to check out the questions I was asked and answered in five questions with the enemy.  Hotty Toddy!