Ole Miss Basketball: Is it time for a coaching change?


The Ole Miss basketball team is struggling under the rule of Andy Kennedy now, is it time for a change at the top for Ole Miss?

I am an avid supporter of Andy Kennedy as the head coach of the Ole Miss basketball team. He is one of the best coaches that Ole Miss has ever had the pleasure of working with.

His ability to coach players that are not typically SEC caliber players has landed him a solid job in the SEC.

But, after the 69-47 drumming that Georgia put on Ole Miss, fans around the Pavilion have been wondering if it is time for a change.

The “fire AK” crowd has been a loud one for years. But the supporters have plenty of ammunition as well.

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Kennedy is the winningest coach in Ole Miss history. The detractors use the fact that he has been at the school longer than most coaches as the excuse for this accomplishment.

He has yet to recruit a player to the Pavilion. Well, it has been up for a year now, shouldn’t we be winning more games now?

In my opinion, give him more than one year in the building to create a team. He has two players ranked in the Rivals Top 150 coming in next season, along with Dominik Olejniczak joining the team.

Fans are shortsighted when it comes to these things. Should Kennedy be on the hot seat? Maybe. His team has been pretty bad this season. They have failed to show up in multiple big times games.

This Georgia loss was the one that broke the back of most Ole Miss fans. The Rebels are usually a tough opponent for the Bulldogs, but this game appeared to be an easy win for Georgia.

The team shot horribly, hitting only 28% of their shots. What is worse is that they shot 52% from the free throw line and 12% from the 3-point line.

Andy Kennedy has earned at least two full seasons in the Pavilion, but will he receive them from the administration and fans?