Ole Miss Football: A Few Gems From The South Alabama Game

OXFORD, MS - SEPTEMBER 02: DaMarkus Lodge
OXFORD, MS - SEPTEMBER 02: DaMarkus Lodge /
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The 2017 Ole Miss football season begins with a Rebel victory over South Alabama. There were a couple of gems extracted out of the game.

Ole Miss football is here! Finally, the sound of whistles blowing and shoulder pads crashing into other shoulder pads. It means that college football has begun. However when you add that the Rebels defeated South Alabama for the first victory of the year, the day was even sweeter.

Ole Miss came out and accomplished what they wanted to accomplish. It was important to walk away with a win. At times the fans were a little worried. However, in a complete reversal of last year, the Rebels came out of the locker room at halftime and dominated on the field.

Although, it is clear that there are a lot of things that the Rebels need to work on. However, a lot of good things happened on that football field Saturday. The bad will be analyzed to death. Let’s look a couple of good things that should have made you smile a little this past weekend. So, before you spend the week complaining about what didn’t happen Saturday, celebrate the fact that we didn’t lose to South Alabama. Really, what kind of SEC school would let South Alabama beat them at home? Hilarious.