Ole Miss Football: Rebels California Dreamin’ In Win Over UT-Martin

OXFORD, MS - SEPTEMBER 9: Quarterback Shea Patterson
OXFORD, MS - SEPTEMBER 9: Quarterback Shea Patterson /

An early start for Ole Miss football and a slow start to Saturday’s win over UT-Martin left Rebel fans feeling uneasy. However, it may have been a case of the Rebels California dreamin’.

Ole Miss football left the field Saturday afternoon 2-0. However, they had to work a little harder to accomplish the goal. They were distracted. Maybe their attention was elsewhere. Some say maybe Kentucky, but I think it was in California.

For all you young people, there was a singing group called The Mama’s and The Papa’s. They sang a song about how going west could easily distract you from what you should be concentrating on. The song is called “California Dreamin’“.

I believe that is what our Rebels were guilty of the first half of the game. They played without a sense of urgency in the first half. The Skyhawks controlled the line of scrimmage when they were on offense. The flow of the game from the offensive standpoint was sloppy. Their minds were not there.

Not Kentucky

Monday Ole Miss finally has its opportunity to go and defend itself to the NCAA. They are meeting in Covington, Kentucky with key witnesses. Therefore, confessed cheater Leo Lewis will be there. Along with current interim head coach Matt Luke. There’s also whole bunch of other people but I don’t want to go down that road.

Ole Miss Rebels Football
Ole Miss Rebels Football /

Ole Miss Rebels Football

However, there are those who think that this is the reason for the distraction. I don’t believe it is. No immediate result will come from this meeting. Plus, the players are already saturated with this NCAA stuff. This meeting would just be another obstacle, to be added with the other 50 obstacles this ordeal has created.

The concern over the meeting in Kentucky did not affect what happened Saturday morning. Those kids were not thinking about any of those NCAA allegations when UT-Martin went up 9-0 and then again 16-7.

California Dreamin’

I believe these kids were already looking forward to their foray outside of the Magnolia State. This trip to Berkeley will be the first time some of these kids have ever been to California. Plus they are getting to go with their brothers of the team. It’s easy to get distracted.

However, don’t lose the fact that they knew they were facing a team they should easily defeat. It’s easy for your mind to wander. It is so easy to get caught California Dreamin’. However the dreaming is not just about the players. Coaches can get caught up, too. It’s easy to save plays and run vanilla formations. Holding something back for the Cal Bears.

However, the players minds were the ones mostly distracted. “I wonder will it be hoodie weather?” “Do I need to make my playlist tonight or will I have time Sunday?” “I wonder what we’re going to eat there?” The next thing you know, we are down 9-0.

All’s Well…

Well, in the end the Rebels woke up. They didn’t even trail at halftime. Shea Patterson threw for nearly 500 yards. AJ Brown proved again that he is un-guardable. DaMarkus Lodge has figured this football thing out. D.K. Metcalf seems over looked but still on pace to have over 700 yards receiving for the year.

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The Rebels are 2-0 and they are traveling to play 2-0 University of California Golden Bears. It will be a fun trip. However, a fun trip requires a victory. Therefore, I am calling it here. Ole Miss wins 49-35. Shea will shine again. Look for other receivers to produce well.

I noticed California struggled in their game against Weber State. Weber State’s quarterback passed for over 430 yards against the Bears and he’s no Shea Patterson. Their star receiver had 149 yards receiving. However, he’s no A.J. Brown.

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Although, while Ole Miss was California Dreamin’, the Cal Bears were having a Rebel Nightmare. Get ready, Cal. Your nightmare is about to become reality. Hotty Toddy.