Ole Miss Football: Not Bowling But The SEC Postseason To Be Interesting

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Elijah Holyfield
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Elijah Holyfield /
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Ole Miss football fans have already resigned ourselves to the fact we are not bowling this post season. Even so it’s still certain to be interesting.

It has been a very interesting offseason thus far for Ole Miss football. The post-season has always been my favorite part of football season. It’s still my favorite part even though since the huge Egg Bowl win there have been emotional up and downs for both the Ole Miss football team and fans. Just when things begin to look up then something else drops a bomb on the Ole Miss program.

Nobody ever said being a Ole Miss fan would be easy, but it will be crazy. Since Thanksgiving night we have the Egg and a new head coach in Oxford. The departure of Cousin Eddie from Starkpatch and the COI ruling soon followed. The transfer rumors began soon afterward and as of today one Ole Miss player, Shea Patterson has left the Ole Miss program. Of course, there will be more players who follow suit in the transfer situation.

Sometimes transfers can help a program more than hurt. I believe this is the case in the current situation. Everything will be ok in time. Of course, a few good pick-ups in recruiting did certainly help. Regardless, it’s still the postseason and even though we may not be playing it’s an exciting time of the year for college football fans. Oh did I mention there are other SEC schools who haven’t been given colonoscopy by the NCAA and are playing during the postseason?

Yes, there are actually teams who are within the good graces of the NCAA and can continue to play. Well, so far they can but that could change for any team at any time in the coming seasons. At any rate there are a few SEC teams playing in the postseason. Let’s look at those games here.