Ole Miss Football: Grove Grinder, Rough Games And Tough Decisions

<> at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi.
<> at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi. /

This edition of Grove Grinder is dedicated to the rough games for Ole Miss football and tough decisions which lie ahead for some players.

Nobody said it was easy being a Ole Miss football fan however there have been times it has been fun. There have been the games where the Rebels have the underdog and won and there have also been times when we have seen truly tragic losses. Of course, that is just a part of being a college football fan period. There are always going to be those rough games but we get thru them somehow and move on to the next. Football is really a lot like life.

This past Saturday the Rebels saw a huge SEC road win over Arkansas. Sure Arkansas is not having a very good year but that has never stopped the Hogs from being a thorn in the side of Ole Miss fans since they moved into the SEC. We have seen one tough loss after the other. Think of Eli Manning’s 7 OT game or the 4th and 25 game and you can see what I mean. This is what makes this past weekends game a huge win and within the circumstances the Rebels did it was very impressive to say the least. So yes the game was huge.

Bittersweet Win

Ole Miss Rebels
Ole Miss Rebels /

Ole Miss Rebels

As the win was huge for the team it was a bittersweet victory as well. The Rebels put up 611 yards of total offense and most of it was without NWO wide receiver DK Metcalf. As we would find out Monday DK Metcalf suffered a neck injury which would mean him missing the rest of this season.

We never want to see a player go down and it is always made worse if it is a season ending injury. In 2018 Ole Miss football had already seen more than its share with three defensive backs Jaylon Jones, Montrell Custis and CJ Moore down.

Tough Decisions

Now with this past Saturday we have DK off the offensive side of the ball as number four. Of course, this will leave DK with some tough decisions going forward. It was obvious DK would go very early in the draft should he forgo his senior season. So what is next?

Monday it was announced Ohio State offensive lineman Nick Bosa, who was hurt earlier in the season, would be withdrawing from school to focus on preparing for the NFL draft. Like DK he was faced with an injury at a difficult time in his college career and was left with a tough decision. Naturally Ole Miss fans would love to see DK Metcalf back on the field next season but DK needs to do what is best for himself and his career.

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Football is a lot like life. We go through tough patches where the losses can be rough and the wins while good can be very bittersweet. Win or lose sometimes we are left with some very tough decisions. However, we should always do what is best for us. Hotty Toddy!