Did Current Ole Miss Football Running Back Leak the Return of Henry Parrish?

Sep 6, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Mississippi Rebels running back Henry Parrish Jr. (25) in action
Sep 6, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Mississippi Rebels running back Henry Parrish Jr. (25) in action / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Rumours have been circling, suggesting previous Ole Miss Football running back Henry Parrish Jr. is returning to Oxford. Did current Rebels RB Ulysses Bentley leak that Parrish Jr.'s return is imminent?

Ole Miss Football are still looking at strengthening the running back position. So it was no surprise that previous Ole Miss player Henry Parrish Jr.'s name was mentioned with a return when he entered the portal.

On a recent episode of the Ivey League hosted by Ole Miss defensive end Jared Ivey, his guest was current Rebels running back Ulysses Bentley IV. When Ivey asked Bentley IV about the running back room, he raised eyebrows with a comment.

"I know during the fall, It's (RB room) going to look great." Bentley IV said. " You know Logan (Diggs) is getting back into it right now he's working on his injury. Once he comes back during the season, everything is going to be fine. Henry (Parrish Jr.), when he comes in, you know he was here before me, so he is pretty much familiar with the offense and stuff like that."

Has Bentley IV leaked that the return of Parrish Jr to Ole Miss is imminent? Or was it a slip of the tongue with rumours suggesting he could be back?

Henry Parrish Receives Two Crystal Ball Predictions To Return To Ole Miss

It was announced on March 19 that Henry Parrish Jr. would be entering the transfer portal. The Florida native spent the last two seasons with Miami, transferring to the Hurricanes from Ole Miss in 2022.

On March 29, the same day the Ivey League episode with Ulysses Bentley dropped, two crystal ball predictions landed via 247Sports. Both were for the Rebels from Ole Miss Insider David Johnson and National Reporter Matt Zenitz.

Crystal ball predictions don't always mean that it's a guarantee that the experts are right. However, if a number is pointing in favour of a team, the percentage of it happening is a lot higher.

Arrival Of Henry Parrish Would Be a Welcome Addition for Ole Miss

Ulysses Bentley, Kedrick Reescano and LSU transfer Logan Diggs look to be the running backs HC Lane Kiffin will use in 2024. However, Reescano is going into his second season as an inexperienced player. On top of that, Diggs is rehabbing from knee surgery, with a return date still not confirmed.

If Ole Miss can add Parrish Jr. to the roster, it would boost the running back room. It would mean they would add a player who has played under Lane Kiffin in the past, with solid production over four seasons in college.