Fans push back against Quinn Ewers's comments about Texas being in the SEC

Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers had the SEC fans and players firing back with his recent statement on the Longhorns' heading to the SEC.
Alabama v Texas
Alabama v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

We are two months away from the start of the college football season, and the media coverage is ramping up. This means we get quotes and bold statements from players, coaches, and analysts.

Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers had SEC fans biting back with his comment yesterday while attending the Manning Passing Academy. When asked about the Longhorn's first season as a Southeastern Conference team, Ewers replied with the following.

"“We’re going to be everybody’s biggest game, for sure.”"

Quinn Ewers about the SEC

As you can imagine, this had plenty of fans from SEC teams pushing back against his comment. As big as the Texas program is nationally, it was a little off the mark. Ole Miss may not face Texas during the regular season in 2024 and 2025. However, games against Alabama and LSU are seen as much bigger for the Rebels and don't forget the Egg Bowl.

Scrolling through the comments, you will see SEC fanbases saying the same. Alabama fans say Georgia and Auburn, Georgia fans point out Alabama and Florida, and so on. Yes, Texas will be considered a big game, but only the biggest for some SEC teams.

As stated, Ole Miss won't face Texas during the next two regular seasons. However, current defensive end Princely Umanmielen still had a reply to the comment.

Texas will be the biggest game for several SEC teams in 2024

Looking at Texas's 2024 schedule, several teams will agree with Quinn Ewers's comments. The final game of the regular season is Texas A&M, with the last meeting between the two rivals in 2011 when the Aggies were part of the Big 12 Conference.

With the rivalry resuming after a 13-season hiatus, Texas A&M will point to that being the biggest game on the schedule. With Oklahoma following Texas to the SEC, that will still be a big game for both sides.

Aside from those two games, the other SEC match-ups that involve Texas are arguably not seen as their biggest game on the opponent's schedule. In the future, that will change from season to season, but to say every team will see Texas as their biggest game is incorrect. Maybe Quinn Ewers was meant to stir the pot a little.