Rebels Charlie Weis Jr. among the top five highest-paid offensive coordinators after a deserved pay raise

Say hello to one of the highest-paid offensive coordinators in college football. Ole Miss OC Charlie Weis Jr. is now amongst the elite with his 2024 salary.
LSU v Ole Miss
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Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin is undoubtedly a talented offensive play-caller. However, when Charlie Weis Jr. was hired as co-offensive coordinator in 2022, the Rebels' offense made further improvements.

At the end of the 2023 season, Charlie Weis Jr. signed a new three-year contract. It came a couple of months after his co-offensive coordinator partner, John David Baker, was hired by East Carolina. This left the 31-year-old Weis Jr. as the sole offensive coordinator at Ole Miss.

Charlie Weis Jr. will make $1.65 million in 2024, a reported increase of around $150,000 from the 2023 season. It was a reward for his two seasons alongside Lane Kiffin, with 2023 seeing a big jump from the offense, led by quarterback Jaxson Dart. The raise now puts him alongside the elite offensive coordinators in college football.

Charlie Weis Jr. now the highest-paid offensive coordinator in the SEC

With his new 2024 salary, Charlie Weis Jr. is now the highest-paid offensive coordinator in the SEC. Weis is ahead of Arkansas's Bobby Petrino and Missouri's Kirby Moore. 

In the broader scale of college football, Weis is now the nation's No.5 highest-paid offensive coordinator. In a list by Pro Football Focus, the third-year OC at Ole Miss was behind Oio State's Chip Kelly, Utah's Andy Ludwig, Clemson's Garrett Riley, and Notre Dame's Mike Denbrook, who tops the list.

Could Charlie Weis Jr. help deliver a Heisman Winner to Ole Miss?

Ole Miss quarterback Jaxson Dart is one of the favorites to be crowned the 2024 Heisman winner. Heading back after an impressive 2023 season, Dart could produce even better numbers in 2024.

His star-studded cast around him has been mentioned numerous times, as well as his own abilities. However, Ole Miss offensive coordinator Charlie Weis Jr. is another crucial piece to help Dart thrive during the 2024 season. Weis is also the quarterbacks coach and has helped nurture the senior into an impressive quarterback in their two seasons together.

Weis is a top-tier play-caller who can gain advantages against any defensive scheme. This was on show a lot last season. However, in the Peach Bowl win against Penn State, it was perfect offensive football. Dart finished the game with 379 passing yards from 25 completions and three touchdowns against one of the best defenses in college football.

If Jaxson Dart manages to get to the Heisman Ceremony in 2024, it will be partly thanks to OC Charlie Weis Jr.

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