Five Reasons Ole Miss Quarterback Jaxson Dart Can Win the 2024 Heisman Trophy

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ole Miss v Penn State
Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ole Miss v Penn State / Alex Slitz/GettyImages

College football has yet to reach fall camp in 2024. However, Heisman predictions are being made on social media. Ole Miss quarterback Jaxson Dart has a great chance to win the 2024 Heisman if everything falls right.

Dual-Threat Ability

Dart may not possess the high-end caliber of rushing compared to other quarterbacks in college football. However, he has been efficient when he has used his legs. Dart isn't the fastest, but he is tricky and loves to put his shoulder down and initiate contact—possibly too much at times, though showing toughness like that will be a plus with Heisman voters.

Dart rushed for 391 yards in his junior season, down on his sophomore season, where he reached 614 rushing yards. It's not something he relies on. However, he has shown he can make essential plays with his feet. He has four 100-yard rushing games in his Ole Miss career, showing he can switch up in games when needed.

Alongside his strength as a passer, Dart can have a solid year as a rusher, too. He doesn't need to put up the numbers that Jayden Daniels did for LSU last season on the ground. But just making the right plays, whether as a passer or with his legs.

Top Tier Supporting Cast

Every Heisman winner has the skill players around them to make life easier. The three quarterback Heisman finalists from last season had a talented bunch of pass catchers at their disposal. This season, Dart looks to have just that.

Ole Miss returns Tre Harris and Jordan Watkins from the 2023 season. Both combined for 1,726 yards and 11 touchdowns, with Harris missing three games through injury. The Rebels also dipped into the portal and added Antwane Wells, who is in the top 5 receiving yards of active players in college football. This was while Wells missed most of the 2023 season with South Carolina.

Add in tight ends Caden Prieskorn and Dae'Quan Wright, and Jaxson Dart will have the players to cook with during the 2024 season.

Big Game Leader

Jaxson Dart showed he has the skills to be a leader in glimpses last season. However, it was fully on show during the Peach Bowl win over Penn State. Dart stepped up against a top-5 defense in 2023, helping them achieve a monumental win for the program.

That followed into the offseason, with Dart being a driving force in getting players to return for the "Last Dance." Head coach Lane Kiffin also confirmed he was a big part of reaching out to transfer portal players, convincing them to commit to Ole Miss. These are all signs of somebody players will go to war with if tough times arise during the season.

Smart Play Style

With so many top quarterbacks in college football, you need to stand out. Dart does that with his ability to make exciting plays. He is a threat whenever he is on the field. If Dart is pushed out of the pocket, he has the slippery ability to move away from danger while making plays on the move. His sharp thinking has gotten him out of trouble; whether with his arm or legs, he gets the job done.

Something that is going to help Dart even more is the helmet communication rule. Head coach Lane Kiffin will be able to talk to Jaxson Dart on every play until the play clock hits 15 seconds or the ball is snapped. With Kiffin being one of the best offensive minds in college football, his ability to talk to Dart feels like a cheat code for Ole Miss.


We know he has the physical toughness. However, his mental toughness is another critical attribute. Looking at the Penn State game again, after the media criticism from the Georgia game, facing a top-5 defense in the Nittany Lions, Dart could have frozen up. However, he had one of his best performances in a Rebels uniform.