Is Ole Miss running back Jacory Croskey-Merritt heading back to Arizona?

When you thought the transfer portal saga involving running back Jacory Croskey-Merritt was over, think again. Reports suggest that he is heading back to Arizona.
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When Ole Miss added two running backs from the spring transfer portal over two days, there were whispers it was more than just adding depth. Those concerns could be correct, with reports of Jacory Croskey-Merritt returning to Arizona.

When former New Mexico running back Croskey-Merritt flipped his commitment from Arizona to Ole Miss on April 19; there were rumors about his remaining eligibility. Those not confirmed, it could be seen that when the Rebels added running backs Domonique Thomas and Rashad Amos within two days, those rumours could be more than just that.

Rebels fans thought this was just Lane Kiffin adding depth at the running back position for a deep playoff run. Looks like Kiffin potentially knew something we didn't at the time. Jason Scheer, the senior editor at 247Sports Wildcat Authority, reposted a picture of Croskey-Merritt with Arizona linebackers and special teams coach Danny Gonzales from May 25. It looks like the running back has in fact made the U-turn back to Arizona.

Maybe it was because Kiffin was unsure about his eligibility, or perhaps the depth in the room scared Croskey-Merritt off with just one year remaining eligibility. Whatever it was, Ole Miss is still okay at the running back position.

What were Jacory Croskey-Merritt's NCAA eligibility concerns?

Concerns about Jacory Croskey-Merritt's eligibility surfaced after the former New Mexico running back flipped his commitment from Arizona to Ole Miss. Those reports suggested that during his time with Alabama State, he played more than four games as a freshman, meaning his redshirt was not valid.

Those concerns have been reportedly cleared up, with Croskey-Merritt giving his jersey to a fellow Hornets teammate. His carries were credited to Croskey-Merritt despite him only featuring in four games.

If the eligibility concerns were correct and look to have been cleared up or the fifth-year running back reportedly is just making the U-turn back to Arizona. He will join former Ole Miss running back Kedrick Reescano in the running back room.

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