Ole Miss Rebels Football: How the Regular Season Needs to End


The Ole Miss Rebels finished #4 in the first ever College Football Playoff Poll. That means if the Rebels win out, their chance of playing for a national title will be very high. Right now, there are three SEC teams within the top four of the top 25 poll. Outsiders of the SEC are not fond of this decision from the committee, but the committee has shown they are going to be looking at your wins/losses, your strength of schedule, and not by your school name.

Now, the Rebels have an opportunity to run the table, and produce one of the greatest football season’s in school history. There are just four games left in the regular season, and if the Rebels can get pass this coming Saturday with a “W”, it would be hard to say they won’t be going into the Egg Bowl with only one loss. If the Rebels win on Saturday, there will be a few things that should pan out to improve their odds of competing in the College Football Playoff. Of course, for Ole Miss to win out, that should be all we need, but the scenario below wouldn’t hurt.

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Ole Miss Needs to Beat Auburn

(Nov. 1st, Auburn at Ole Miss)

This is not an option. In order for the Rebels to stay within the talk of College Football Playoff, this weekend is a “must win.” If the defense can play to the caliber they have all season, including the LSU game, and if the offense can get back into rhythm like they played against Alabama, then Auburn will not stand a chance against the Rebels. Bo Wallace will need to shrug his frustrations off his shoulders and get back to his serious competiveness. A win over Auburn will build back the confidence, and make the Egg Bowl seem less of a worry.

Alabama Needs to Beat Mississippi State

(Nov. 15th, Mississippi State at Alabama)

A loss for Mississippi State before the Egg Bowl would bring them down from cloud nine, and would bring less confidence for them going into the Egg Bowl. The game will be held in Tuscaloosa, which will make the matchup even tougher for State. I see State realistically losing this game, and if they do, and Ole Miss beats Auburn, you could expect Ole Miss to swap with Mississippi State in the CFBP Poll heading into the Egg Bowl.

Auburn Needs to Beat Alabama 

(Nov. 29th, Auburn at Alabama)

If the matchups above play out that way, then there will be a three way tie for first in the SEC West between Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Alabama. So, Alabama will be the next team that needs to go. Even if Alabama wins out, and Ole Miss does the same, the Rebels will win the rights to the SEC Championship, due to the Rebels win over Alabama earlier this month.

Ole Miss Needs to Win the Egg Bowl

(Nov. 29th, Mississippi State at Ole Miss)

It’s kind of obvious, but if everything above happens, Ole Miss and Mississippi State will be playing for a spot in the SEC Championship game, and a spot in the CFBP. Even the spot for the SEC title game, will be the first time in Egg Bowl history this would happen. Who ever wins the Egg Bowl, could have the most bragging rights for their State of all-time. For example, if Ole Miss beats Mississippi State and goes onto the SEC Championship and/or CFBP, those “This is Our State” slogans by Mississippi State need to come down, they will come down.