Ole Miss Football: Grove Grinder, Mascots And TSBU ORD

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 28: Fans of the Ole Miss Rebels walk through the Grove before a game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Hemingway Stadium on October 28, 2017 in Oxford, Mississippi. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 28: Fans of the Ole Miss Rebels walk through the Grove before a game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Hemingway Stadium on October 28, 2017 in Oxford, Mississippi. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

With the 2018 Ole Miss football season Grove Grinder feels the need to address a couple of things facing Ole Miss fans as we approach opening weekend.

Ole Miss football is getting closer day by day and soon the season will be here. The excitement is building because of what we are hearing out of Oxford from fall camp. So far things have run very smooth and the Rebels players seem to be excited they’re preparing for a big 2018 football season. Of course, as with any new football season there will be issues which arise and hopefully the Rebels can steer clear of anything major.

With every new season there are us fans who have questions about what we can expect on the field. It’s only normal to scout the team thru fall camp, look at the schedule and imagine what the outcome may be. We make projections as we get closer and we begin to hear news from our rivals camps. It’s just part of being a Ole Miss football fan in the SEC. Honestly, despite everything else we have a lot to be excited about.

Of course, the excitement grew even more with the popular annual ‘Meet the Rebel’ event this past weekend. Besides a chance to meet and greet new players there was also the introduction of the new on field mascot Tony the Landshark. Tony was met with great fanfare as he took center stage in the IPF amid lights and smoke. Tony made a great impression on every Ole Miss fan under the age of 12 and had to grow on you if you are any older.

More On The Mascot

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Personally, the mascot doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I expected it to at the onset. I really like the idea of honoring traditions which involve former Rebels players. Tony Fein was a great Rebel for so many reasons it seems only right to honor him with the new mascot. Still a lot of fans aren’t happy even though they should be. At least we don’t have a Louisiana Black Bear for a mascot so it actually was worse at one point.

I understand the importance of having a on-field mascot and how it should represent the spirit of the school. I also understand the problem with a lot of fans over the new mascot. Ole Miss fans are tired of seeing things change constantly. Two new on-field mascots in the past 15 years is ridiculous and the entire mascot issue was so absurd it was even comical. It almost makes you wonder what they will come up with next should Tony feel mascot doom.

Urgent PSA For Rebel Nation!

There is always one certainty when it comes to being a Ole Miss fan, you have to deal with mutts. And one certainty for each college football preseason is having to deal with newfound hope mutts have in the upcoming season. Beyond the delusional tendencies there is also another severe psychological disorder which affects mutts in late summer and early fall. No not distemper but ORD or Obsessive Rebsessive Disorder.

The symptoms are simple to diagnose yet the disorder is not as easy to treat. In recent years it has almost taken over moron and white nation. With no known treatment the disorder is not fatal although it does increase their already delusional state of existence and the amount of drool, I mean drivel which comes from their mouths. They will also have a heightened false sense of superiority around Rebels and begin to stutter when Rebels talk about history or facts. Infected mutts will keep repeating, “Bu…bu…but, we’ll win this season!”

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It’s not contagious to Rebels fans although being around mutts with ORD can result in extremely uncontrollable loud laughter followed by agitation and a severe lack of patience. The best thing is to observe them from a safe distance and pray for Thanksgiving. Apparently the disorder greatly diminishes about the same time each fall with very few exceptions. Be safe Rebels and protect yourself against Obsessive Rebsessive Disorder with 64-44-6. It works every time. Hotty Toddy!