Ole Miss Baseball: April Fools’ Day Is Definitely Not A Joke

It may be the first day of April but there are no jokes when it comes to real life, spring sports and especially Ole Miss Baseball.

It may be April Fools Day but there is very little for any of us to joke about. Of course, there is no Ole Miss baseball, but that should be the least of our concerns. Right now, there are people who are suffering when it comes to the Coronavirus and everything it entails. Our lives have been turned upside down and things will likely get worse before they get any better.

People have been forced to distance themselves socially. Families are seeing a separation from their normal activities and this has had a dire effect on many people emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Some of us have been forced to see our livelihood affected with our businesses and jobs. There have been layoffs and people are suffering as a result. While we wait on financial assistance from the US government to come in the stimulus packages to benefit the American taxpayers and business affected by the pandemic there is an obvious void in the American family.

The Struggle Is Real

Families are being forced to spend countless hours communicating face to face. Students who would normally be in school are now at homes with their parents. And of course, this can be quite tumultuous especially considering there are no spring sports to enjoy.

While spring sports pale in comparison to the obvious obstacles and trials we face as a nation, we do miss the opportunity to get outside and watch a baseball game.

The 2020 Ole Miss baseball season was off to a great start. After losing the opening game to then number 1 ranked Louisville, the Rebels didn’t lose another game before the season was postponed.

This is the best Rebels baseball team many of us can ever remember and this season could have been very special for coach Mike Bianco and this young team. We must believe this team was destined for greatness and could still be great.

While we may not know what the future holds for any of us, we can be sure the American people, America’s greatest sport and Ole Miss baseball will bounce back. Sure, we all miss the spring sports, but we need to focus on what truly matters most which is our families, friends and our faith. Americans have always had the gumption and fortitude to overcome obstacles and together we will once again. OHT prays for all in our situation. Hotty Toddy.