Ole Miss Football: Grove Grinder, Win Or Lose Rebels Need Fan Support

<> at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi.
<> at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on September 15, 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi. /

Ole Miss football picked up their third win of the season this past weekend against Kent State and there were few Rebels in the Vaught to celebrate it.

This Saturday Ole Miss football was at home against the Kent State Golden Flashes and won 38-17. And while the game may not have been the high-scoring blowout we were hoping for the Rebels got the win. Not only did the Rebels get the win but it was a game in which there was clearly significant improvements in the defense. The only real bad part about the game was the attendance which was severely lacking for a sure win game at home.

Trust me I really do get it. Over the past two weeks since the Southern Illinois game there has been a serious flood of discontent from the Rebels faithful. After the Bama game and the absence of defense I too had visions of the ‘We Are Ole Miss’ curse. Every Ole Miss fan is perfectly entitled to their opinions and feelings over the Ole Miss football program. I for one believe it is important for fans to be fanatics as long as its healthy.

We All Have Gripes

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Over the past couple of weeks many of us have voiced our opinions and feelings as Ole Miss football fans. For the past two weeks I know I harped on the lack of defense and even said myself that as Rebels fans we should raise our expectations and not settle for mediocre. Sure we are 3-1 and the wins weren’t very pretty but they were good enough to get Ws and there are quite a few other SEC fans who would be ok with 3-1. Should we not be?

It depends on how you look at Ole Miss football as a fan and what your expectations really are. Of course the Rebels only loss came in a very  embarrassing blowout to No.1 Alabama. Yet having lost only one game and it to the No.1 team in the nation Rebels fans still aren’t happy. Sadly for some Rebels fans the season was already over before we ever kicked off in the Bama game. I for one can live with 3-1 compared to where we were a year ago.

We Should Be Optimistic

Right now the Rebels are sitting one game better after four games than in 2017 when the Rebels went 2-2 to start the season. This team is much better on the offensive side of the ball in 2018 even though they started slow in the last two games. The defense turned the curve Saturday with a good showing against a fast paced offense getting 7 sack and holding the Kent run game to under a 150 yards. The talent is there even though we may be thin in spots right now the defense is playing good football.

After what we saw with the chaotic defense against Kent State we have to believe McGriff will want to get that same pressure on a young LSU QB and create some opportunity for mistakes. This defense now has what it was lacking which is confidence. The recipe for this defense to improve is there and they will get better. We saw the same thing last season with the defensive side of the ball. They were much better in the second half of the season.

Naturally we will have to have as much game as possible on both sides of the ball to beat LSU in Death Valley at night   Honestly, right now I am way more concerned with the early offensive inconsistency heading into Baton Rouge than I am with the defense. However, if both sides of the ball can pick up against LSU where they left off then we should be good and I really like our chances.

Don’t Shred Your Tickets

Whether you were at the game, in The Grove or watching from home you saw for yourself the empty seats in the Vaught. Everybody saw it I hope. For the Rebels fans who showed up and sat thru the weather delays to watch their Rebels get the win I salute you. For those of you who didn’t I also understand. True, the early kickoff with bad weather in the forecast is likely to keep a few fans from making it into the stadium. However, the loss to Bama put a bigger damper on the attendance than the weather.

From this fans perspective the low attendance was very disappointing and especially when there is still so much football to be played. If it was disappointing to fans you can only imagine how the coaches and players must have felt. After the way the Bama game turned out it had to be a big letdown for the players. Sadly the fans, coaches and players weren’t the only people who saw it.

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It’s not easy watching everything this Ole Miss football has been thru. You all know it’s really not easy being a Ole Miss Rebels fan to begin with but then when you have to watch a team struggle it’s even worse. However, the struggle is part of the game and sometimes is lost but the struggle makes a team better. This team is not immune from all the adversity they have had to face and shouldn’t have to go it alone. They should know they have the support of Rebel Nation win or lose. Hang tough Rebels, there is a lot of football to be played. Hotty Toddy!